1. Who studies from NCLEX books?
    How many do you have?
    Which one is your favorite?

    I study from them now that I am in MEDSURG. I own three but cant say any one is my favorite. Havent found the right one yet need some suggestions. Thank u!
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  3. by   momx4
    Ok forget it, I went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a few more. We shall see........
  4. by   onduty23

    but use textbook over nclex books

    nclex book condense the material so much you may missed something important

    i used nclex book as a quick review or last minute study aid

    the truth is i learned more and understood more by reading my text

    but nclex book for question is the way to go
  5. by   PedsNurse322
    Saunders, hands down. But I agree w/the above poster - learn the material first from your textbook, then use the NCLEX book as an extra study aid.

  6. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I have about 6 NCLeX books, and yes I read all of them.
  7. by   momx4
    We were told during a NCLEX workshop that the average student should have 3-5. I have 3 now and still feel the need for more.I do study out of my medsurg book, I would kick butt with essay tests at this point. It was the application style questions I have problems with. How everything is not just black and white. It always comes down to 2 answers. I am doing good grade wise but hope to get better with the questions. Not to get better grades but to do hopefully one pass the nclex.
  8. by   Megsd
    My school requires Mosby's, which I've found to be helpful, but it's the only one I've used so far, so I can't really compare it. I do like the CD that comes with it, though. You can pull up all the questions on a particular body system, which helps me review for exams (I do all the cardiovascular questions, or all the endocrine questions, etc.).