name tags for stethoscopes

  1. I bought a nice Littman (cardiology) for the BSN program (start in Jan) I was wondering how you kept your stethoscopes safe from "borrowing". I can't afford to buy a new one so I was wondering if there was some type of name plate or tag to write my name on. Any one know of anything like this or have any ideas?
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  3. by   manna
    I'm not entirely convinced that a nametag is enough to keep a thief away. Personally, my steth doesn't often leave my backpack, around my neck, or in a scrub/labcoat pocket... so there's not that much risk of it "walking off," so to speak.

    Good luck starting nursing school!
  4. by   mitchsmom
    My Littman came with a little thingee you can get engraved (but it can just be removed so it's probably pointless). I got my husband to also engrave my initials on the little metal area between the bell and diaphragm- it's not neat but you don't see it unless you look for it and it won't be mistaken for someone else's steth. I never set mine down either but I'm sure I'll screw up and do it eventually
  5. by   stressgal
    I had mine engraved, and I never loan it out or lay it far
  6. by   boulergirl
    At the scrubs store where I got my stethoscope they sold name tags, and I bought one for $4. It snaps together around the tubing and there's a tag where you write your name. Durable and easy to read, and since I leave my scope for other aides to use, they know it's mine when they see the tag.
  7. by   mavnurse
    My steth came with a tag which I have yet to send away to be engraved. I've never had a problem with it, even thought at first I was soooooo protective of it. I kept it in the box it came in for weeks. What a nerd - I even carried the box to clinicals in my backpack! I was shocked when my instructor said to leave my steth on the table outside an isolation room, but now I'll do things like that without worrying. I've loaned it out, left it in my open bag, and even left it at the nurses' station (after asking maybe the secretary to keep an eye on things first) and I've never ever had a problem. Once you get comfortable with everyone at your clinical site and in your classes it will change - they'll all be overprotective of their stuff at first, too. I guess it just depends on where you work, or what school you go to maybe? At my school, probably 99% have Littmans because they come and set up a booth at orientation so for most it's just easiest to place an order like that. Since we all have nearly identical steths, it's no big deal now, even though we guarded them with our lives the first couple of weeks. Just don't loan it to someone you don't see regularly, but that kinda goes without saying. Good luck in January!!!:hatparty:
  8. by   sjt9721
    An allergy band will do in a pinch.
  9. by   mariedoreen
    I have my name engraved on my stethoscope and never leave it lying around if I can help it, if I can't help it I just do what I have to do and hope for the best. The rest of the time it stays in my bag or around my neck. Same with my PDA, I NEVER leave it lying around. Talk about an expensive piece of equipment to replace, I would be sick if that walked away!
  10. by   abundantjoy07
    :Snowman1:I have this fancy shmancy name's so cute though. It's a turtle and on the back is my name. It's not that hard to remove at all. The best thing to keep your stethscope from walking away is to not leave it lying around! Never take it off. When I had a patient in isolation, I gave it to a fellow student to hold on to. The things cost too much and are too important to lose.
  11. by   Mandarella
    Mine is also engraved right along the chestpiece in clear view, as well as having the littman name plate snapped around the tubing. Had an award/engraving place do it for $8.00.
  12. by   #1rnstudent
    Go to the local Walmart or whatever and get some beads with the letters on them. That is what a lot of us do. I lent mine once I got an ear bug. Never lending it again. And when I go into isolation rooms, it goes into my pocket, and under the gown.
  13. by   live4today
    Quote from manna
    i'm not entirely convinced that a nametag is enough to keep a thief away. personally, my steth doesn't often leave my backpack, around my neck, or in a scrub/labcoat pocket... so there's not that much risk of it "walking off," so to speak.
    Quote from manna

    good luck starting nursing school!

    i'm with you on this thought process, manna. i have rarely loaned my stethoscope out. i do have a name tag on my steth though. any healthcare provider who assesses patients knows they need to come equipped to assess their patient(s). if they come unprepared, that is their issue, not mine. when people ask you to borrow your steth, ask them why they don't have one of their own. tell them where they can purchase one. they can't do their job without the right equipment on their person (i.e., watch, stethoscope, pen/pencil, paper to take notes....)

    no healthcare provider in training could show up at clinicals unprepared, so they shouldn't show up for work unprepared.
  14. by   Jess-RN in 2006
    Our problem isnt our scopes, its our blood pressure cuffs...there are only a certain amount on the floor for all of the nurses to use, and we have been warned many times to keep our cuffs with us at all times, as they have a tendency to walk name is on mine in several places, as well as on my scope with a little elephant name tag....I do lend my cuff out, but only to fellow students who I know will not walk off with it.....but I like the bead idea, I have been meaning to do this and also make tags for a few friends....