My Pathophys textbook

  1. I haven't even started NS yet, just got my Pathophys textbook in the mail, and I'm getting sick just from the pictures! There was one of a person's leg nearly sheared off in an accident; closeups of gunshots and stab wounds. If I'm getting sick just from pictures, how will I handle NS?
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  3. by   Idaho Murse
    you get desensitized over the course of your clinicals. You see and do things that would originally make your skin crawl and then you kinda get over it. Most people have one thing that gets to them, some its blood, some its smells. I have a good stomach but the other day I about lost it doing trache care. Couldnt tell ya why though.
  4. by   That Guy
    The smells get to me. just certain ones. Like upper GI bleeds, BLEH! the visuals dont bother me so much