1. I have a big muscles test tomorrow morning. Is there anyway to remember the arm and leg muscles? I have the rest pretty much down. Any hints?
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  3. by   twarlik
    Just keep studying them. I don't know of any special hints. I just had to keep going over them and over them and over them...well, you get the idea. Good luck on your exam!
    Thanks I am going to need it!!!!
    Hissy ^..^
  5. by   essarge
    try I've frequently found something to help me there.
  6. by   marilynmom
    I had to just keep going over and over them as well. The best way for me to learn it all was to get a picture of all the muscles in a book or whatever (unlabeled pics!) and a blank sheet of paper and test myself over and over again on them.

    Good luck!

    Well, the grade is in. 78
    I cried. My teacher told me that I was passing, but not the time I studied for this. I told my boyfriend and he says, "what did you screw up on?" It is like, gee thanks I really needed that!! He made the comment that he hoped I have easier classes next semester cause he could not handle the stress. I have AP II and computers. How would you feel? I thought I would just finish this semester out and forget about school. I am so depressed!!!!
  8. by   essarge

    I hope that things are going better for you now. A&P is one of the hardest courses due to the memorization involved. On the upside A&P II seemed much easier to me because I knew the basics. If you have the same instructor, keep in mind how he/she gives her exams and maybe meet with them to see the exam you just took and go over points. As far as your boyfriend goes...well...I'm really not the one to give advice on that part because I pretty much spent all my spare time studying leaving no time for family and friends during the course. Maybe someone else can help you there.
  9. by   justjenn
    I know what you mean. I study so hard for a A&P test and knew I walked out w/ an A. Man, I got a 73. The girl who sits beside me didn't study at all and got a 98. And, she doesn't read the book and always manages to get 20 points higher than me.

    If I could ask 1 question of God, it would not be "what is the meaning of life" or "why are there so many wars." It would be "Why is it that some people try & study so hard, and they do not do as well as some that do not" Another words "why did you make people smarter than others?

    Answer (im guessing) Because, Jennifer, people are different. Well, if people were created in your image - shouldn't we all be smart?