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I fainted in the OR! I couldn't believe it. We are in our second week of clinicals on the L&D floor and I got the chance to sit in on a C section. The nurse I was to follow showed me all the... Read More

  1. by   butterfly134
    It was during my first few weeks of clinicals, i had my period and really wasn't feeling well. Cramps along with nerves and tiredness ( was near the end of a 13 hour shift), being a bit homesick and generally feeling a bit drained- well it all took its toll on me. I was told to go sit beside a patient ( who was asleep), while I was sitting down I started to feel a bit weak and faint. I think I gave myself a bit of a fright then and I started crying a bit ( note...i dont cry easily) I went out to the nurses station and I was sat in the hallway with the nurse takin my vitals. Thats when she asked me what was wrong and I told her I had cramps and then she told the nurse in charge who came down and asked me if i was on my period. Im quite a shy and quiet person generally!! She understood that I was only a young first year straight out of high school and was really nice about it and I got to go and take a rest and call my mom. However........I still had to go back and work with them the next week!! I blush thinking about it!!!
  2. by   ashleyisawesome
    Quote from DolceVita
    The nurse had you use the same needle/syringe set up? That is terrible.
    yeah. i was a little unsure about it, but i was nervous and its what she told me to do.
  3. by   SerenePeach
    Tried to give a Lovenox shot with the cap still on, pressed to the pt's yeah I felt really stupid!! I've given Lovenox shots only once before, but still!
  4. by   cschoppe
    One time I had this sweetest little old lady who just loved having a student so i could take her and her 50lb oxygen tank for walks down the hallway, so i had to unhook the O2 from the wall unit and attach it to the portable one and anyways we got back into her room and i was reattaching it to the wall unit and she put the cannula in her nose and i turned on the O2, but no one had showed me exactly how to configure the dial on the wall so i must have turned it up all the way and i hear this massive air blowing noise and the little old lady goes 'oh my' and nearly jumps outta her wheel chair...oops my bad
  5. by   DBK99
    I don't start my nursing classes til next month, but during clinicals for my CNA class, it was my first time ever taking vitals on an actual resident instead of a classmate, and it was an elderly lady who had been laying down to rest and I went to take her axillary temp and it seemed to be taking forever for the thermometer to beep and the resident made a comment like "How much longer is this going to take?" and my clinical instructor said to me, "She's getting tired of us, just take it out and write down what it says." So I take the thermometer, look down, and realize that I never even turned it on. My instructor heaved a huge disgusted-sounded sigh and walked off, I felt sooo dumb and embarrassed. But hey, at least I'll never forget to turn it on again.