Missouri anyone?

  1. Just curious if anyone else was from here. Would be kinda nice if I were close to another student! Shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on, someone to pick me up when I fall, etc, etc, etc!!! :roll
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  3. by   abby27
    I'm from Olathe, Kansas!
    Are you in nursing school yet? If not, where are you planning on going?

  4. by   ashemson
    I am in Platte City, MO, which is north of KC. I am finishing my last 4 prereq's at MO Western in St. Joe, MO which is where I will also do my nursing. Where will you go to school at?
  5. by   allthingsbright
    Hi! I am in KC MO and am Studying at Penn Valley!

    Wouldnt it be cool to meet up? We could exchange notes on programs and encourage each other.

  6. by   dianacs
    I'm in the St. Louis area. Anyone else?
  7. by   peaceful2100
    I am in Kansas City, Missouri. Well actually Grandview, Missouri but it is a surburb of Kansas City. I always tell people I am from Kansas City because people are more familar with Kansas City then Grandview.

    I go to Research college of nursing which is combined with Rockhurst University. I will graduate in May 2003.

    Missouri Western is a WONDERFUL school. I know a few people that either went there or currently goes there now.
  8. by   BrandyBSN
    Hannibal, Missouri here looks like we have about every region covered except the boothill

  9. by   peaceful2100
    Brandy. How are things going for you? Is that your dog? He/she is so cute. Is He/She a Yorkie Terrier. I am thinking of getting one.