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I am scared and worried! I literally arranged my entire past two years to ensure success once I started my dream of Nursing and was accepted for a fall start. EVERYTHING in my life I changed for... Read More

  1. by   kukukajoo
    well I took the tests today feel I did really well! I should know tomorrow for sure.


    They just told me I may have missed too much time already to graduate and get my license per the licensing board!! Now why they did not tell me this last weds. when they told me I could drop now and not come back and still get a refund, I DONT KNOW!! I promise you of this is the case, I will FIGHT that decision.

    So.... It looks like I may be out for the year regardless.
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  2. by   NaomieRN
    I am sorry to hear that Kuku, I was all excited for you when I read yesterday's post. I was hoping you would be able to stay and complete the program. I wish you luck.
  3. by   AuntieRN
    First I hope you feel better soon. I am sorry you got sick. Now I hate to discourage anyone from anything...but...if it were me I would probably drop this semester and restart next semester. It is hard to catch up once you fall behind especially when you are not feeling up to par. I do wish you lots of luck though with whatever decision you make.
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  4. by   greenmiler
    Sorry for all that has happened to you. Katrina flooded my home and business to the roof in Aug of 05 one week in to my first semester. I dropped passing with a promise I could come back; I could have stayed with relatives but my wife and kids we're in Naples FL until we rebuilt. I'm now in 2nd semester ADN instead of third but I can't imagine going through the first semester without my family so I have no regrets. If you are forced out just remember it is not the end just a delay..Best of luck
  5. by   kukukajoo
    Thanks everyone. I have managed to get caught up so I am happy. Grades are not up to my standards, but definately passing and not at the bottom of the class even!!

    So, there is hope for me but I don't think I will be attending this school next year as I have gotten an attitude as I went to the college President and above when they told me Monday I may have already missed too much time to stay in. Well I am in this year and there to stay and will do all I can to stay there and become a great nurse as fast as I can! I am worried as today I was told in a threatening manner not to ever go to the President again if there is another problem but to go back to them!! So much of the grade is subjective and they can make my life hell if they want and I feel the tension. That is what scares me now, not my ability to catch up.
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  6. by   kukukajoo
    Paul, sorry to hear of your personal loss on such a great level. I can't even fathom the emotions and loss that you have been through.

    I am happy that things are going well for you now, and I am sure that your experiences are going to make you an even better nurse.

    Oh btw- our instrutors insist men can't make a bed- is this true?? We only have women in my class of 15 (ducking and running now!)
  7. by   NaomieRN
    Kuku, do you want to stay in the program or you dont? You mentioned you dont want to go back next year and later you said you are there to stay. Which is it?
  8. by   kukukajoo
    Quote from FutureNurse35
    Kuku, do you want to stay in the program or you dont? You mentioned you dont want to go back next year and later you said you are there to stay. Which is it?
    Sorry, I thought that was clear but I guess not....

    I am in the program for this year, not getting kicked out because of absences as I would have fought HARD..... Next year, I am really unsure about at this time. Probably transferring out if things don't improve, but too early to tell.

    Sucks because I could have attended a much better private college on the BHPR full scholarhsip with a stipend (for a BSN) and I stayed at this school because I was so invovled with everything- senate, honor society and many, many events and community service activities. Up until this I had LOVED the school and everything about it and now I just don't know anymore and hoping this awful feeling will change. Every time I think about it I am almost in tears. There is still so much good there really, just facing challenges that are huge and also an attitude as well.

    I can't believe I turned that opportunity down for what I have faced since becoming sick.

    BTW- Illness is getting better just all this has been so very stressful and hard to deal with all at once.
  9. by   NaomieRN
    Once you start a nursing program, can you transfer you credits? I was told majority of colleges wont accept your nursing credits.
  10. by   kukukajoo
    I don't think the credits for the Nursing Class will be transferrable but the rest will be and that makes up the first year of the Bachelors program I want to get into. I won't be losing time, because if I stayed and got my Assicoates then transferred I would need two more years for a bachelors, but if I transfer now it will be 3. So three years left either way to get that Bachelors I want.