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i just got accepted into lpn school (yay) but, on my interview the nursing director said you can only miss 2 clinicals , any more & your kicked out of the program even if your a straight " a "... Read More

  1. by   MelRN13
    In some instances we were allowed to make up with another clinical instructor (multiple clinicals at different sites), but if that was not available, you would have to pay the instructor for your make up, costing between $30-60 each hour.
  2. by   mark_LD_RN
    we were allowed to miss one if it was excused, instructor had to know atleast 2 hours before clinicals it had to be r/t illness ,or death of close relative. and it had to be made up in some way deemed far by the instructor before 2nd to last week of clinical. and unless we were dead we could not miss last week of clinicals.
    so it seems yours is pretty lenient

    i think it needs to be strct or else people would abuse it
  3. by   blue280
    We could miss one, but after that the make ups were killer! I remeber at clinical, I was going over some cahrting with my instructor when she said, "Oh by the way, I just got a call about 30 minutes ago, they took your dad to the ER by ambulance." Asked if I could leave, was toldI'd have to make up the clinical which I was half way thru. Asked if I coyuld call, got the OK and found out he was going to be admitted for CHF. I stayed for the rest of clinicals and even finished out the week. They start you with prioritizing in all areas in nursing school.
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    My school is very lenient with absences. We have clinicals twice a week every week, so with my program it is understood if a student has to miss for sick kids or illness. We are allowed to miss one with no penalty. If we miss two, then we are contracted, if we miss three a whole letter grade drop and four is failing. No one has actually missed more than the two and it is very rare for students to miss even two. Our school used to never even have a policy against absences until this year because of just one student last year just kept calling in but making grades good enough to pass.
  5. by   deespoohbear
    I think two was the number for our college also, but the profs would work with you in extreme circumstances such as death in the family, extended illness, or surgery. But just to be missing for the sake of missing was not acceptable. I think I missed one clinical for the whole 2 year program. Like another poster stated, if you have to miss clinical notify your instructor ASAP. Sometimes other times could be arranged for you to have the clinical time. Sometimes not.
  6. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by howie122832
    NO make ups at the school I went to! We(myself and 2 other students) were in a car accident on day on the way to lunch, and the director of our program did come to the hospital ED and excuse us from clinicals the next day. She said that because we were doing OB and Nursery and would probably be sore, that we could take the day off, excused! But this was 2 weeks before graduation!
    How kind of her!!
  7. by   rosemadder
    In this semester (the final one) you can miss a clinical but you have to make it up which means you go to clinicals for 16-18 hours in one day. Needlesstosay, we had a quite a few sick people coming to clinicals this semester.
  8. by   kathygalpn
    in our clinical they are very strict on time it is not something the instrutors do it is the states qualifications for us to get licensed we have rules like in class time you miss 15 minutes you make up 2 hrs support hours 2 hours late make up 6 you make up 16 hrs after that you fail class.In rotations you can make them up to a certain extent your instructors have to take extra time out of thier home lives to make up this time with you alot of mine have other jobs and kids .I know alot of things happen like sick kids and a few of us got a virus last quarter and were sent home so we wouldnt spread it every where.We made up the time with no probloms because some things are out of our control I wish you the best of luck!Is there anyone else who does support hours etc ? I'm curious about how lpn program does things in other states.We get to do everything I'm curious because i have read post saying some lpns are limited .Here we can do most everything just depends on some hospital policy