1. I'm so happy!! Today I finished up all of the biochemical testing to determine my unknown microorganism in lab. My friend kept telling me that it was E. coli, but I wasn't too sure and kept right along testing and retesting so that I could figure it out.

    I had S. marcescens. I've been worried about doing this assignment since I first saw the syllabus and now its finally over....and to top that off I got 100!!!
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  3. by   studentdeb
    Congratulations!! I have not taken micro yet, but it sounds interesting.
  4. by   nessa1982
    You couldnt tell by the color that it was S. Marsecens??...its usually the first giveaway
  5. by   Catherine's mom
    Congratulations! We finished our testing on Tuesday, and we had Proteus vulgaris, which is what we figured from the gram negative results and the small size of the rods. I'm glad to have it done with also, now I only have 2 papers left to write!
  6. by   camkib
    Originally posted by Nessa1982
    You couldnt tell by the color that it was S. Marsecens??...its usually the first giveaway
    lol That's exactly what my instructor said...word for word--
  7. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Congrats! I just recently started micro and boy, I can't not wait to start doing all that fun stuff.... yeahhh and if ya believe that, I got some real cheap bridges to sell ya too!
  8. by   PlanetCaroline
    I really hate taking pre-reqs at a large public university. While we had microbiology "lab," it was no more than show & tell in front of class. I have never seen a microbe under a microscope! This depresses me. Any chance in my accelerated BSN program that I'll visualize tissues & pathogens under a microscope?

    If I can't do it school, any chance I can shadow somebody in a lab? I don't want to be behind my classmates in this area. Besides I find this stuff interesting.

    Worse comes to worse, I can pull up pics on www & pretend it's live.


  9. by   fnimat1
    Congratulations Camkib!!!....I can't wait to take Micro...it sounds like it's very interesting!!!!

  10. by   ucandoit
    Alright what color is S. Marsecens! Only in week 2 of micro! So any help in preping for the unknown would be great! It is my las prereq before my second year and I am loving it!-Tara
  11. by   nursebucky
    S. Marsecens is red.
  12. by   ucandoit
    Thanks, bucky!
  13. by   happystudent
    hATE mIcRO.......
    coOl FOr u
  14. by   Forevermomof5
    I'm not sure about anyone else's program, but I haven't used any information from my microbiololgy class in my nursing program.

    To me it seems to be another money maker for the colleges to require this class. The one thing that Micro did teach me was to WASH MY HANDS! I am still freaked out about all the germs and microbes around...YUCK and it's been a year and half ago that I took it!

    Just study and get through this class and life will be much better! Good luck!