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  1. Hello,

    My instructors are very adament about us getting a medical dictionary and drug guide.

    They all praised and recommended the "Davis Drug Guide for Nurses" ... however, mentioned nothing in regards to a medical dictionary.

    Can anyone recommend a good medical dictionary that is very insightful, resourceful, & lightweight (that will fit into my bookbag without feeling like a ton of bricks)???

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  3. by   Lisa1970
    Mosby has a very good dictionary.
    it's a little bulky in that it's a hard bound medium size book, but it has :wink2: great definitions & pictures though. it would easily fit into a book bag or backpack .

    however, i think that mosbey's medical dictionary is great for home use because of it's size & graphic pictures...but it :uhoh21: loses points on definitions for could be a little more detailed & specific in content when defining medical terms... like taber' always though, jmho & preference .

    good luck & happy studying!!!
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  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I cannot live without my Tabers!!
    We were required to have it during the nursing program and I am sure I will use it in my profession!

    I have a Davis Drug book. It was hard to decide which one to get as there are many good brands. It was between Davis and Mosbys for me. I like that the Davis has teaching, implemetation etc with each drug. Its pretty thorough.

    ~Channa, GN
  6. by   USA987
    I concur...I LOVE Tabers!

    Best Wishes!
  7. by   Mkue
    I have Both, they are both super !!

    Taber's 18th edition and Mosby's fifth edition

    marie :spin:
  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    Our program requires the Tabers cyclopedic medical dictionary and the Davis drug guide. I would be lost without them!
  9. by   Mkue
    Quick Look Drug Book, I wonder what the difference is compared to the Davis Drug Book. Maybe the Davis is more descriptive.

    ...i too used it in my lpn nursing school does includes nursing considerations & patient teaching guides...recommend it :d!!!

    another excellent drug guide that i highly recommend is nursing 2002 drug handbook by springhouse corp. i find that they really stay on top of the most latest medications released. they provide a quick chart guide for combined drug compatibility in syringes conveniently located inside the front cover. they also have included in some detail in the general information section located in the front of the book about:
    • how to use nursing 2002 drug handbook
    • drug actions, reactions, & interventions
    • drug therapy in children
    • drug therapy in elderly patients
    • drug therapy & the nursing process
    • drug mini cd located on the back page of the book
    • drug updates on the internet @
    i've seen both davis' drug guide & nursing 2002 drug handbook on my job (ltc facility) & at my current clinical hospital locations.

    again, good luck & happy studying :kiss!!!
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  11. by   Unequaledbeauty

    Thanks everyone... I will look into both Taber's & Mosby's

  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Back when I was in nursing school, 1995, we were required to buy the Mosby's Medical Dictionary--I have the 4th Ed. The Davis Drug guide is OK but I much prefer the Nursing Drug Handbook put out by Springhouse. I buy a new drug book every year! I would recommend that one unless you are required by your school to purchase the Davis Drug Guide.

    Good Luck!