Med Surg 'final' from hell

  1. Everybody was totally stressed out over this final because most of us needed to score high points to pass the class. The stakes were high because failure means being booted out of the nursing program for at least a year to do remedial stuff and also to wait for a spot to get back in.

    This was a real bad time. I saw people chain smoking, breaking out with acne, biting their nails to the quick, etc. Nobody was confident about passing because this instructor had tricked us twice before, telling us to make sure to study, in detail, a bunch of things that were not even on the exams. And some of her critical thinking questions were so ridiculous that at best, you'd find yourself just arbitrarily guessing the answers. Needless to say, most of us bombed the third and fourth exams. And since exam #5 was the clincher, we were all sitting in the room after class on the last day of school, nervous as hell, waiting for her to scan our answer sheets and come back with our grades. It was the longest 20 minutes ever! I don't smoke, and even I needed a cigarette at the time. :uhoh21:

    When she finally came back, she called us up one by one to show us our grade...and I've never seen so many people so relieved to get a "C" in a class. Its over, and I passed the class---but only by a hair. Many people weren't as fortunate, and so another group of my friends are oficially out. At least for now. I can't help but think what a dreary way that was to start the summer. Everybody is so stressed out and under the weather that we're not even calling or speaking to one another right now.

    Maybe after the summer break things will be different. At least, I'm hoping so.
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  3. by   Achoo!
    Every time I see a post like this I get more and more nervous!!
    Congratulations on making it another step farther!
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    Congratulations!! Even your story was a nail-biter! LOL
  5. by   Heartland
    Wow. This sounds like my own experience in my Med Surg class. But we only had 3 exams. We couldn't believe we were in danger of failing. The exams were out of this world and we all studied like crazy. But at the end we were all excited to receive our C's and fortunately many of the students passed the class.
    It's crazy to see how other people are going through the same exact struggles. Congratulations on making it.