May 2007 Grads!

  1. Can you believe it? We're in the home stretch!!!!!!!!!!

    This last semester we do Cardiac, Oncology, ER, ICU, and Neuro. I'm so excited!
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Thank the good lord! cause I don't think I could take much more than another semester....

  4. by   RNinJune2007
    I have Critical Care and Psych this semester... ALMOST DONE!
  5. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    I am getting excited! Also, scared to death!

    This coming semester we have 1 month of med-surgI with clincals and lecture, 1 month of med-surgII with clinicals and lecture, and then a 6 week practicum.

    (oh and I also have to pass college and college algebra don't get along plus its a Saturday course, how sucky is that?!)

    But yeah, its cool to be calling ourselves May 07 grads!! I think this next semester is just gonna fly by and before we know it, we'll be at pinning ceremonies and graduations! Yippee!
  6. by   Clarise
    I have advanced med-surge and community health. Can't wait to be done. Will graduate in May, take the NCLEX in June, start working asap, and then I will be applying for an MSN program to begin in the fall of 2007. I figure that while I am still in school-mode, to keep going. I think the MSN won't be nearly as rigorous as the RN. Seeing as I can take my time and up to six years if need be to complete it.
  7. by   Sunshine0425
    WHO HOO!!!! Signed my intent to graduate I have already purchased a couple of books to start studying for NCLEX. Some of my classmates are doing the Hurst Review this week. I am taking it off to relax!!!!
  8. by   tx2007
    I just signed my intent to graduate this week!! WOO HOO I am READY!!! I have cardiac, ICU, CCU, ER this coming semester
  9. by   SBUalum03
    I will have Psych and Community for 5 weeks each and then my preceptorship for the last 4 weeks this Spring. Gosh I cannot wait till this is over.
  10. by   tx2007
    oh I forgot to add I have offically turned everything in to the BNE for approval. Come on May!!!
  11. by   Brigi23
    I have high acuity, community and management. I am soooo glad that it is almost over! It has taken me a total of 6 yrs to do this and any more than 1 more semester might just send me over the deep end. CONGRATS to all that have sacraficed while every one around you is going out and having fun, congrats to those moms that have had to feel guilty for not being around all the time and still pushed through. Congrats to those nursing students out there (god bless them) that have suffered divorce, death, break-ups, lonliness while going through this very difficult program. Hats off to us!!!:hatparty:
  12. by   not now
    Lecture is advanced med/surg and leadership. Clinic is tele, ICU and a little bit of ER. 17 weeks of school left.:spin:

    I will graduate from the RN program exactly two years after I graduated from LVN school. Yay! Just like I had planned it!
  13. by   nursekatie22
    There's nothing like leaving the hospital on your last clinical day.......:hatparty: keep goin strong, guys!!
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  14. by   fishchick72
    I have critical care & leadership, I start on Jan 16th, cannot wait til May gets here!!