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Hey people! Just looking for some ideas...maybe you can help? I was thinking about doing something special for the hubbs before nursing starts up this fall........I cant think of anything... Read More

  1. by   happystudent
    Neat Ideas, guys....

    I still dont know what tooo dooooo.......................:imbar I did, however, see an Ad in our paper about a weekend getaway for couples in Maine...........
    Still looking into it
  2. by   CJStudent
    When we were graduating, they had these certificates that you could purchase for your spouse that said something about "in dedication for putting up with all of the care plans, all nighters, stress, an effort toward my degree" and you had them put your spouse's name on it. I thought it was really cute and I bought one for my husband ($10 I think.) You could always do something like that for him, even in advance. Something he can hang up at his office or work area. This wouldn't be expensive and you two can giggle about it during periods of school stress...Just a thought. Good luck!
  3. by   GraceyB
    I took my boyfriend away for an extended weekend. I just told him to take certain days off from work and to pack his bags. He appreciated and loved the whole mystery vacation. We didn't go far but being away from the city relaxed both of us.

    Something simple would be to surprise him with a nice dinner and lit candles all over the bedroom fo rthe after dinner event. LOL

    I am sure that your hubby will appreciated anything that you do. Just putting time aside for him will make him realize that you haven't forgotten him with your nose buired in a pile of books.
    Good luck!
  4. by   passing thru
    Good ideas and suggestions.

    I think a daily "Thank you" and "I appreciate what you do for me" helps too.

    I read once that spouses want to feel appreciated, want to hear that they are appreciated.