Making a scrapbook of school????

  1. What would you guys think about keeping a scrapbook of your time in nursing school? Too childish??

    I took a photo of people in my psy. class 2 semesters ago, because it was my first "real" college class. Some people looked at me like I was from another planet. But, it was important to me and I wanted to preserve the moment. I thought it would be cool to have my acceptance letter, tuition bill, photo of me in my uniform (when I get one), first day at school, ya know. But, I do not want to be laughed at or my teachers look at me funny.

    What is your views

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  3. by   Jen2
    I think that is such a wonderful idea. I have one from Junior high, and High school, but never thought of having one from college. I think it would be a great way to one day show my children how important education is, and also how hard I worked. I am going to start a "nursing school" scrapbook also. Maybe we can all share ideas?
  4. by   PJMommy
    Oh, yeah. Not just a scrapbook either...I want to make a class webpage. There are just too many great "moments" and such wonderful friends to not save the memories. I take snapshots of all my clinical groups, pics of us in our uniforms, pics of us name it. When you are laughing and crying with these want to remember it forever!
  5. by   Cassiggity
    I take pictures of everything. And, I scrapbook.
    I get a lot of my stuff at WalMart, and sometimes I get some paper at Michaels.

    I think it's a super idea. It's nerdy, but totally fun.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Just be sure taht whoever's pic you take that please ask them first. I had pics taken of me twice in class, WITHOUT permission, and looked awful in both. One was taken on a day when my alternator on my car died and i walked a mile in pouring rain the rest of the way to school. Was not happy to have that day immortalized in a pic for 300 students to see.
  7. by   fnimat1
    I was thinking of doing the same thing. It's a great idea....just think after you finish nursing'll have tangible items and memories to look at and remember.

  8. by   webbiedebbie
    I did this back in 1989. I treasure this book. I even asked fellow students what their plans were for the future (what area they were planning to work in).

    Every once in a while, I pull it out. I have moved twice since then, and have not kept up correspondence with any of them. I often wonder how they are doing. Who knows, maybe someday I will run into a few of them. That would be great.

    I don't think it is childish at all. It was/is a part of your life.
  9. by   zambezi
    I have a scrapbook from school and I love it. Unfortunatley, the only times I had a camera was at our celebration parties after tests/semesters, we all look like a bunch of drunks. I so wish that I had brought a camera to our first clinicals to catch us in our white scrubs. I especially wish that I had photos of us learning to do IVs, foleys, ngs with the mannequins...hilarious. Unfortunatly in memory only--so bring your cameras! You only go through this type of learning once (or twice ) why not make it last, not to mention when you have been a nurse for 20 years you can look back and laugh about "the way we used to do things"...
  10. by   marci3335
    I have thought about doing this too, and after reading this thread I think I will! I do scrapbooks for my kids so I already have "all the stuff" to do it.

    I have saved all of my important documents, like my acceptance letter, a letter from the Dean when I made the honor roll, my Thi Beta Kappa invite letter, and some of my essays from various classes. I think I'll put those in my scrapbook too!

    I never thought of bringing a camera to school- good idea!