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siiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhh....well I made an 84 (which is a B) on my lecture test. Has anyone else gone this route and then made better grades as you went along? I need some reassurance here. I... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    It was hard. Everywhere you went the classes were jammed the labs were jammed. As time went along slowly people left the program as it is really hard. Only 250 graduated.

  2. by   missionnurse
    I understand only too well! I too cry over B's. I know that in the end no one cares about my grades---but I do! Just keep working and try to adjust to what the teachers are looking for on tests! We can do this--and we CAN do it ----with A's to boot!!!
    Keep on keepin' on!