LVN or Sit on waiting Lists for RN (ADN/ASN)?

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am rearranging my life to become a Nursing Student. After years of ungratifying, and financially unstable work as an Executive Assistant, I have finally relinquished to my true calling - Nursing. Growing up I figured, everyone's parents were Nurses and Librarians, who worked for the military/VA and moved every two years - haha. I've resisted it all this time - I could have been in a fulfilling position years ago!

    The hardest thing for me to determine is, if I should stick it out and wait on whatever necessary waiting list for my local community colleges (I live in Los Angeles area), or work to find an RN program that will allow me to start now? I intially considered studying the LVN program at Concorde (simply for the duration and quick start date), and then bridge to RN - but I am seeing on this board and from hospital employment links that LVN's are enjoying less employment opportunities (although this can be blamed squarely on the recession).

    I am presently in between jobs and think now is the best time for me to commit to furthering my education. :typing I do have to complete the following prereq's: anatomy & physiology, chemistry, and a math or two, so I know I wont be able to start immediately.

    Please advise
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Since you have a while before getting into the program, maybe you can sign up for the RN program and by time you are finished with your prereqs the waitlist may be over. Or you can see how long the wait list is for the LPN program and if its shorter you may be able to start the LPN program. I never had to be put on a waiting list before, so I'm not 100 % sure. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
  4. by   anie10
    Thank you so much for your prompt response.

    Are you in the Los Angeles area too?
  5. by   Apgar10
    Quote from anie10
    I do have to complete the following prereq's: anatomy & physiology, chemistry, and a math or two, so I know I wont be able to start immediately.
    I'm in the LA area too and know that you'll need to do anatomy, physiology, microbiology in order to apply for a community college nursing program. Some require chemistry and English composition as well. The rest of the general education can be done while you're on a waiting list or trying to get picked on a lottery, though many of the schools take you right away with a 4.0 in the core sciences and you would just need to get through the rest of the general education requirements before you graduate.

    The only way around prerequisites is to go to a private college (a Concorde or Everest type) and pay 5 times as much.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Alberta765
    I had all my pre-reqs, but was wait listed so I took the LVN route, it was less than a year and then I bridged into the same rn program I was waiting for, I really didn't loose any time because I wasn't called to start until I was 2 weeks shy of graduation.
  7. by   anie10
    Thanks everyone!

    I have all my GE classes out of the way, glad about that!

    Can anyone tell me about their school experiences, LVN or RN?