Luer lock

  1. What is it I know it has something to do with a syringe. I am reading my skill books and dosen't show me the parts of the syringe. I am confuse because it keeps giving me part of a needle when instructing me to do a venipuncture but I am clueless, I never heard of it.
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  3. by   talaxandra
    "The threads of the Luer lock tip of this 10ml disposable syringe keep it securely connected to a tube or other apparatus."
    For a picture, see:
  4. by   OUBobcat94
    The Luer lock syringe has threads so the needle screws into the end of the syringe. There are some needles that you just push into the end of the syringe- the Luer lcoks are much sturdier.

    Hope that helps.
  5. by   papawjohn
    Hey Kristy

    The other way of connecting needles to syringes and IV tubing to IV 'needles' is just a slip-on plastic sleeve that fits over the plastic inner part. Obviously, they can also slip OFF, and the IV fluid leak all over your Pt's bed mixing with the blood that backs up and out of the IV cathelon. So remember: LUER LOCK--GOOD!!!!


    The only down side is that they can be so darned hard to get apart!! After a couple of hours or days, if you wanna take 'em apart, they unscrew easy enough and then--ughhhh!!!--you can't pull 'em apart. (A Pt who happened to be a Professor of Engineering once told me that the plastic actually absorbs some of the IV Fluid and swells up--who woulda thought?)

    Anyhow--that's why nurses are always coming up to me and saying, 'John, can I borrow your hemostats?'

    Papaw John
  6. by   Daytonite
    I believe that the term Luer Lock is a patented name that has kind of become generically used similar to what has happened over the years to Jell-O and Kleenex. The Luer Lock is a threaded end of a tubing or, in your case, the hub of a syringe, that permits you to screw on a needle. It is a much more secure connection than just a male to female connector and is less likely to come apart. There are also syringes that do not have Luer Lock hubs, just the male adapter. Luer Locks are also found on the very ends of some IV tubings so the IV tubing can be screwed to the hub of the IV cannula.