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Well I spent 1600 for an online course for nothing! I won't be able to attend school this year for nursing because I bombed the TEAS test. I was in the 51 percentile. I did well with my math and... Read More

  1. by   G-townLPN
    I just took the Teas, I got a 80% in Science--listen go and get a GED book that covers science. I found that I forgot the basics (food chain, friction, stuff like that), and it worked good for brushing up on the math as well. I did really poorly when I took the PSB test, but I did not give up-you can do it.
  2. by   Mama2girls
    Hang in there, the year will fly by. Just try again. Study harder. Now you have a whole year to really drill the stuff in your brain. Hope you don't give up!!
  3. by   CilliansMommy06
    Thank you everyone for uplifting me...unsure if yall seen my other post but I GOT IN!!! Yahoo!!! I was so scared I wouldn't because I didn't place nationally where they wanted me to, but they must have liked something about me~!

  4. by   mrmike
    Also, there are other types of schools. What is your ultimate goal? RN! Get a ADN then BSN.
  5. by   jjhorta
    I know how it feels to not succeed the first time. Hey, I failed twice in nursing. First at my first nursing school 2 years ago, and then this semester. I was sooo close to graduating (in my last class) and got a C- in the class. Have to retake that class before I can graduate. I once read somewhere that "failure is only temporary" so try again. I know I will.
  6. by   notaclue
    Don't Give Up!!!