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Hi, I am very new to this forum. Nursing school has been on my mind for years, and as much as I sometimes try to shake it off, I can't. It has been a dream since I graduated high school. Not too... Read More

  1. by   arual56
    Quote from robpritc
    Hi, I am very new to this forum. Nursing school has been on my mind for years, and as much as I sometimes try to shake it off, I can't. It has been a dream since I graduated high school. Not too many years from now, both our kids will be graduated HS, so now is the time I need to start thinking about what I will do with my future. I have been a SAHM for the past 17 years, I just started doing med. trans. at home almost 2 years ago for some extra money and because I have always had that medical interested.

    At this point, any advice from any older students would be a tremendous help. I am 43. I must admit it is very scary yet very exciting to think about returning to school. I actually get this tingly, warm feeling all over just thinking about it.

    So, anyway, anyone who has any advice, encouragement or even any things to watch out for, it would all be appreciated.

    Thank you so much!
    Good for you. I had three children and waited until they were all grown and gone on with their own lives before I persued my desire to become a nurse. I recently took my NCLEX-PN boards and passed. I am still in school to obtain my RN, and I will be 51 next month. If you want this bad enough, you will do just fine. Get your pre-reqs and co-reqs out of the way as soon as you can, even if it means that you take summer classes. But follow your dream.
  2. by   PennyNickelDime_RN
    I started nursing school as I was turning 50. I had never gone to college before and although it has been grueling at best, I finally graduate in May, 2008. I say go for it, you are never too old to learn, it may take a little more effort on your part due to being older, atleast it did for me, but I am fully accepted by my classmates half of which I am old enough to be their mother. It gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment being able to do this at this stage in my life. Additionally, my children, two in college, one a college graduate and starting graduate school have been shown a great example by me willing to take this chance. GO FOR IT!! I promise you, it's well worth it. Good luck!
  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi robpritc,

    I am 38 and started school the fall of 05 after being out of high school 17 years. I had never taken classes before, so I was very nervous and unsure about what I was getting myself into!! Fast forward 1 and 1/2 years. I received my acceptance letter last month and will start nursing school in August!

    Do not let age be a factor because I am not a minority at my school. In fact, I would say that 70% of the students are mid 30's and above. I thought that I would be ancient compared to the other students and was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that I wasn't.

    I think that being the age I was when I started helped me to continue. I know that I would have never gotten this far right out of high school. My mind wasn't on college, it was on partying, and having fun. I did get married right out of HS, and went to cosmetology school, but it was a 9 month program and was not near as intense as what taking pre reqs have been. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it has been hard, but I worked full time, we have 4 children and I was taking 15 hours each semester. Since I had no plans of going to college when I graduated HS, I didn't even try very hard, so I have NEVER studied as much and as hard as I have the last year and a half!!! My grades are very good, but I knew that I would have to have them since NS is so competitive. Needless to say, I LOVE school and look so forward to starting nursing school. After that, I plan on going to our local university to pursue a Masters and become a nurse practitioner.

    Good luck to you in all that you do~
  4. by   triciac
    45 and graduating this year. I'll share my sisters advise to me when I had the same doubts. "In four years you'll be four years older whether you go back to school or not-might as well be four years older with a BSN". I'm glad I listened. Good luck.
  5. by   ciro
    Hi, I'll be 50 yo next month and got my license at the beginning of this month:hatparty: . A couple years from now you'll still be a couple years older, but you could also be a nurse. Good luck.
  6. by   lasante
    I was admitted to the '07 ABSN at Samuel Merritt and will be attending the orientation this Friday. Saturday, I turn 37. I am so looking forward to the new adventure and I agree with many posts above - I think age lends a different, highly marketable dimension.

    Good luck and see you out there!
  7. by   Lifedream
    Age is just a number! I will be 52 next month and have one pre-req to go. I plan to take the Hobet test in January and hope to start the ADN program in Fall 2008. Nursing has always been my life dream. Life started rolling and I could not find a place to stop and regroup toward my dream. At 50, I decided it was now or never. It is hard work when you have been out of school for so long but you really do fall back in easy. I feel I probably have to study more than the average student, but finished everything with A's except the two Algebras. They were B's. Chemistry is kicking my butt right now but it will work out!

    Good luck to all of you who have the courage and determiniation to pursue a new dream!
  8. by   kayel
    Hiya .. I think it's so great that you are going back to school and following your dream!! Just stick with it and you will get there and concentrate on your own studies (don't worry much about what everyone else is doing or getting for grades or going out and partying or whatever). You will be fantastic in nursing school -- repeat that over to yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other when it's feeling hard or scary!

    I went back at 42 .. here now I'm 44 -- a really great age to be, nice even number -- and halfway to my goal and still enjoying it, even though I just went through a few hellish classes. I am just so happy to be on the other side of them. I love this thread .. I have to read through it all for all the inspiration everyone has to offer -- we are not alone!
  9. by   sheridan3456
    39 here!! I'm a much better student now than I was in high school or when I went to college back in 1987!! I was a college drop-out then and did not go back to pursue nursing until 2003. I am more mature now and I am proud to say that I have made all A's and B's in all of my science courses. Trust me, you'll be a good student because your maturity and experience with life in general will be an asset. It's all about attitude and drive!
  10. by   applegirl62
    All I can say is U GO GIRLS!! I'm 45 and just starting....

    Happy and heathy journey to you all the old gals!!
  11. by   thewobbles
    Glad to know I'm not the only "oldster!" Just starting my pre-requisites, and hope to do an ETP program.
  12. by   FUTURE_RN_08
    Before I started Nursing School last year, I give this age thing alot of thought. First of all, it does not matter what your age is because you are never too old too learn. You are going to get older, thats a fact... But, it does not mean you have to limit your ambition and abilities to learn. I am 44, and have been able to get through the first year while alot of the younger students have not made it to second year. I have made friends with all ages, and get along with the entire nursing class. I do not think you should let age get in the way of your dreams of becoming a nurse. There is never missed oppportunities, because there is always someone else ready to take them! You can be anything you want to be. Besides, if I can do it, so can YOU!