Life really sucks right now - page 2 goes. I know everyone has heard this before, but it happened to me. My hubby left me saying he wasn't happy. He left on the 4th of May and my finals for that semester were on the 6th... Read More

  1. by   Mary Dover
    I strongly encourage reading the following:

    "With or without a Man: Taking Control of Your Life as a Single Woman" by Karen Gail Lewis

    This is an awesome book for single women! Take care yourself. The world is now your oyster!
  2. by   GraceM
    I am so sorry this happened to you. I know it must be so hard.

    You asked for advice so here's mine. Take all of the energy and effort you were putting into this man and his family, and transfer it to your career and education. Your schedule will not always been so insane. You will find a new "life" without even looking.

    You have to just relax, and move confidently in the direction of your dreams, to quote Thoreau. Keep going, and things will fall into place.
  3. by   peaceful2100
    (((((((((ESSARGE)))))))) as someone who have been through having someone you love dearly deciding to up and leave. I know what it feels like. Everyone here have offered some really good advice including the book Mary has suggested. I read that book and it was really good. I also have some other book suggestions as well. So see if your local library have them. Things will get better for you when you are ready to make them better. Sometimes when things like this happen it feels as though your life has just ended but it did not end. Your life has finished one chapter and created a new chapter.

    Ok, if you are religious or believe in god then these books are wonderful books to read.

    1) What becomes of the brokenhearted by Michelle McKinney Hammond

    2) Who am I really? A woman's journey to god-significance by Dr. Lynda Hunter

    3) Where are you god? Discovering his love when you feel alone by Michelle McKinney Hammond

    4) Lady in Waiting by Debby Jones and Jackie Kendall

    My top recommendation out of the four is #4 Lady in waiting.

    It is hard but it will get better