Life is good!!!!!!

  1. Today was a beautiful day. I am full of life, energy and feel so beautiful today.

    Despite the bad day I had for my first day of clinical in an acute care setting my week is ending good which is making me totally put the bad day behind me and walk into that hospital next week and show those nurses that this nursing student is not going to stand for the kind of behavior they demonstrated and that this nursing student is not a clueless idiot.

    Today we got our mid-term grades. In one of my nursing classes I got a 96%. My other nursing grades including pharmacology was 2 B's and a pass grade. Those B's can easily go to A's.

    I pre-registered for my spring classes today. Next semester I will have clinicals in Maternity, Pediatrics as well as more clinicals in the community.

    I am taking nursing courses which has traditionally been given when you are a first semster senior but due to the large size class that I have and not enough faculty they have to divide us up. Part of us will be taking the classes that were traditionally offered as first semester seniors and the other half will be taking second semester junior classes. Technically next semester I will really be a second-semester junior but not the classes. REally the only difference is just the clinical rotations that are different.

    Tonight I had a total treat. I got my hair and nails done. I got a facial and makeup done along with a massage not a total body massage though but I am not complaining. My aunt did it which is good because I would have not been able to afford to go some where else right now. The only bad thing was that she convinced me to buy from her $70.00 worth of facial products and makeup but I loved the products so much that she used and they made me feel like a brand new, confident and upbeat woman.

    Now the only thing is I have to lose weight. I had several people this week alone come to me and ask me if I am pregnant. NO WAY!! I don't tell them that I feel like that I am really nice to people like that. I am 5'1 130 lbs but I am not that big I am a small-medium bodied woman and I am fat. I know my weight is from stress because I have gained weight before I started nursing school I was 115 and I have only been in nursing school almost 10 months now. I am thinking of trying the weight watchers point system. So anytime there is 15 pounds in one year that is defintely bad and plus I really got to watch it because diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer runs in my family.

    Anyway, Zippity do dah zippity yay my oh my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine heading my way Zippity do dah zippity yay. ( I know I probably did not spell it right) But I have been singing that song all day long because that is exactly the way I have been feeling today.

    Take care
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  3. by   KristaB
    I'm so glad to hear things are looking up, Peaceful!

    I've been doing Weight Watchers for over a year now, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone! Make sure you go to the meetings, though, as it is really easy to "fall off the wagon," if you know what I mean. Having to be accountable to the scale and to the meeting have really inspired me! Any time I miss a meeting, I tend to gain a bit that week. They're only a half hour long, and there are usually tons of them around, so most anyone can work it into their schedule. It's also nice not to have to think about nursing school or my children for a full hour!

    BTW, I've lost about 50 pounds on the system and I'm getting very close to lifetime. So it does work!

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  4. by   Katnip
    You sound on top of the world, Peaceful!

    As far was Weight Watchers, I do that, too, but I'm strictly online. I don't go to meetings because they just aren't convenient to get to with my schedule. It still works, too. I lost 15 pounds since the start of the semester. Either way, it works well.

    Good luck, and I hope your weekend's been as great as your end of week!
  5. by   peaceful2100
    I am going to do it strictly online too BUT my mom is also going to go on it plus a couple of my classmates so we can be each other's support and I am a pretty motivated person so I can do it. I have no time to go to the meetings either. When I heard the weight watchers points was now online I got so excited. I just was trying to figure out if it was well worth the money and from what I heard it is. I love the idea of being able to eat what ever I want as long as I stick to the points alloted. I have tried so many diets but most diets I ever tried I had to deprive myself of my favorite things and that is why I have failed.
  6. by   Bonnie Blue
    As an exercise physiologist, I would also recommend a 30 minute walk every other day. The walking will help your health and give you a break from studying etc. People who have been the most successful at losing wieght and keeping it off, exercise and eat a healthy well-balanced diet. good luck!
  7. by   Katnip
    Exercise is a good thing. You feel better psychologically for having done it, too. Unfortunately, I don't get in as much as I should. Thankfully, I have a 3o minute walk to and from the parking garage at school almost every day, so we make it a really brisk one.

    WW strongly encourages exercise, too. That's one of the reasons I like them so much. They're sensible. No weird foods, no deprivation.

    If anyone wants a diet buddy, let me know. You can e-mail me at I belong to a small online group, too, but there's no such thing as too much support.
  8. by   essarge
    I just went and got my yearly physical and I've put on 10 more pounds!!! YUK....ok time to get it together (again!). I'm 5'10" and top it out at 184lbs....I'm not a happy camper with myself. I knew that all those "little" candy bars would get to me sooner or later. This morning I have packed an orange for a snack and am going to stop and get a box of granola bars for when I need something to eat.

    Here's to wishing everyone the best on the weight loss "journey"!!


  9. by   MRed94
    Well, phooey!

    All of you dieting, I might as well add my lumps to the pile.

    Count me in, guys, and I will try to get rid of the roll around the middle....

    This getting old is for the birds. I USED to be able to eat what I wanted and not gain an ounce.

    This year I have gained about 20 pounds, and all around my waist.

    I've earned the pot belly, but I will give it up if you are.

  10. by   dasaSN
    I started my program four weeks ago and I have already gained 10 pounds Now that I am getting into a routine , I hope to start eating better and maybe sneak some exercise in every once in a while and drop the extra pounds or at least not gain anymore.
  11. by   giftedRN
    I need to exercise to relieve stress. I arrived here in August for school and cannot find the time to exercise because I am here with my two-year old.

    Wow it is so hard to study with kids. I am going to try weight watchers soon.

    I am happy for all of you!! Good idea!!
  12. by   Katnip
    annmarie, if you figure out how to squeeze in exercise, let me know. I'm having a tough time of it, and I don't want to get up before 5. That's been slipping pretty badly, even with our walks to the school.