Just would like to say thanks

  1. I would like to thank everyone who has been encouraging me and giving me advice through the last few difficult weeks. I feel better and feel that I will make it through and need to learn to relax and have more fun. My problem is that I work, work work but I barely do anything away from school and studying and I need to take more time to do so.

    Also this semester has not been only hard on me but everyone at my school including the faculty because one of the faculty memebers have been diagnosed with renal cancer over the summer and has been in and out of the hospital. She was the team leader and basically kept everything organized and together. Well this semester things basically have not been organized an we have not had a really poor orientation to this semester. I have to keep reminding myself and so do all of my classmates that we have to stay strong this semester and that for any Ill thoughts we have toward the school about the poor organization of this semester we need to keep in mind a instructor whom I happened to grow close to last semester because she has helped me a great deal last semester with patho and I ended up with a B in patho because of her willingness to spend time answering questions I may have and showing me how to learn patho, a instructor who is dealing with a illness and never know what the next day may bring (hopefully nothing but good things) but have to remain thoughtful.

    I know nursing school is not easy and most people will not breeze right through it. I know grades are important but not the most important thing but learning and getting experience is important and doing your best to be successful is also important. I really could care less if I graduate with a 3.8 or a 3.0 what matters most to me is what I learn which is what I put into it and that I keep my gpa at or slightly above a 3.0 for graduate school purposes. I do know that I am very hard and critical of myself. I do know that I need to stop pressuring myself so hard because I realize that I do know a lot more than I often give myself credit for and I do know how to critically think but often second guess myself even when the teacher tells me I am on the right track or I did it right or my gut feeling tells me that I am right but sometimes ignore my feelings.

    I am simply saying thank you and that I have to teach myself to stop being so hard on myself because I do realize that all though I may only have a 3.0 and not a 3.8 that is still pretty darn good and many people have not been able to do that and have not been able to stick through the rough time like I have been able to do.

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  3. by   GPatty
    Just keep going... and know that you can do it

    Remember... if you need us, we are here!

  4. by   NurseAngie
    A 3.0??? DARN Good job!!!! I'm proud of ya~ You did awesome! Tackle it and keep up the great work.