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The school that I attend has established a passing grade for all nursing classes at 80 (B), and all non-nursing classes a (C). What's passing at your school?... Read More

  1. by   Conrad283
    Quote from muhaha
    non nursing is 50%

    nursing classes are 63%

    I think the USA has higher grading passes for classes...here in canada (at least in my province) those seem to be the norm but i know in the states its alot higher
    That's a pretty low passing grade? Why so low? I mean 63 is really low!
  2. by   Kiren
    you have to get a 70 on in all your nursing and science courses and maintain at least a 2.0 gpa at my school. i know 70 seems a bit low but i've heard our tests are much harder than the other schools nearby. since the nclex-rn pass rate is about 90% here (the highest in the region) i figure there must be some truth to that rumor.
  3. by   chnc1024
    Non nursing 70%

    Nursing 75%

    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69
    F: <60

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