Just need to vent....

  1. I start classes in 3 weeks and was just informed by my lovely financial aid office that because of their mistake I may get bumped out of my pre-requisite courses that I need in order to be sure that I can start my accelerated BSN program next fall. Tomorrow I have to go to the director and see if I can beg them to make an exception because I started the process early and did everything I was supposed to do. Wish me luck!!
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  3. by   essarge

    aaaahhhh....financial aid!!! Yes, I am very familiar with the "mistakes" that they make.

    Go in there and stand your ground. Bring ALL of your documentation with you, including anything that they sent you. If you don't get any satisfaction there, go right up the ladder all the way to the top if you need to. If they just keep passing the buck, call the department of education (U.S. and state) and tell them what happened. That's what I ended up doing and they haven't made a "mistake" since then!!

    Good luck! My thoughts are with you!!!
  4. by   nurseleigh
    Best of luck to you! It amazes me how many mistakes colleges can make. To them, you are just another number and they dont see it as your life that they are messing up. I am fortunate, in that, my college has yet to make a mistake with me. But i am just starting my first full time semester this fall. That leaves them with plenty of time to do something wrong.
    I can't imagine taking it all the way to the state dept. of Education or how that could help you. I would think it would take more than 3 weeks to get that far and then it would be too late. At least it would in Illinois. This state is SLLLOOOOWWWW at getting anything done. Anyways, i will pray for you tonite. Good luck again.
  5. by   TCW
    Well, I went to the financial aid office today and after speaking with the director I was finally able to get them to admit their mistake. I am so relieved!!!! Now all I have to worry about is getting through A&P I! I have been praying all the time though.
  6. by   nurseleigh
    Im glad to hear that everything went well. I just finished
    A&P I and it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. I'm sure you will do great. Congratulations on your win with financial aid and good luck in school.
  7. by   RNforLongTime

    I am no longer a student but I see that you will be taking A&P I this fall. May I give you a suggestion? I purchased an anatomy and physiology coloring book at a bookstore-most bookstores carry this item and a set of colored pencils. Believe it or not, this actually helped me with memorizing the muscles and all that other stuff that you will be learning!

    Good Luck!

  8. by   BrandyBSN
    The coloring books are awesome. I agree, they are a big help when it comes to memorizing all that stuff! and it helps with origins and insertions big time!