Just need to vent!

  1. Had a really bad day, and just need to get it off my chest...

    Started out this am at 11:20, when I got to school, and just as I was turning into the parking lot, the %^$##@@!! car died.

    It had been acting funny yesterday, but since the gas gauge read 1/2 full, I wasn't thinking about that....

    So, pushed the %^$#@!!*& thing about 6 blocks into the parking lot (pulling inumerable muscles in my back and legs), and couldn't get it into a space without help...the power steering was dead....

    Tried flagging down anybody going by, nobody would stop.....
    Finally a guy came walking through the parking lot, and, bless his heart forever, helped me push it out of the middle of the road.

    Then, get into the building, strap on the ole backpack says adios.

    Then, my student that I tutor didn't show up..........

    So I was at school about 2 hours before I needed to be.....

    Then........I GOT MY FIRST 100% ON A TEST TODAY!!!

    Then, Ma came and brought me some gas, went to the gas station, fed the stupid thing....(is a 10 gallon tank, took 9.6 gallons) (musta been empty) !!

    I have NEVER run out of gas in my life.....

    So, that was my bad awful day....

    Now I sit here in major agony, wishing the Flexeril fairy would come and visit me......

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Well Marla, you did have quite a day didn't you. Other for your car I say you had a good day with getting 100% on your test. Way to go.
  4. by   NurseAngie
    Honey, I thought ONLY I had days like that! Great test score
  5. by   MRed94
    Just an update.

    I am hurting like hell, but the car runs fine!!

  6. by   zannie
    sorry about the bad day but congrats on the test!!