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I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a study session for those of us taking a & p 1 in the fall semester. We could possible help each other study for exams by quizzing each... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I think we should use a fresh thread for every topic.

    I think you'll find yourselves having trouble with the same concepts.

    I think we should "copy and paste" the questions we're refering to in a quote box to keep it organized. I also think that we should go deeper than the surface of the material with any odd trivia that a person might know.

    You never know when the question "What gives feces its normal color?"

    Sort of gross for first semester AP group, but its a way of telling when your patient may have a problem with iron content(APII)

    You may never see such a question, but it makes AP fun if it has a little more meaning than rote memory.

    Is there something anybody has ever wondered about?

    How does my body replenish red blood cells?

    What causes type "A" blood donors to have a reaction to type "B" blood?

    What is that little thingy in the back of your throat called and what is it for?

    What is a tonsil exactly?

    This is the time in your academic career to find out.

    Ohhh I'm so enviouse of you all!!