Jumping through hoops

  1. I haven't even started nursing school yet....but I have been to school more in the past few weeks doing paperwork and redoing paperwork...and redoing it again...

    and I was just reading another posts about jumping through hoops...so I guess I am just at the beginning! I'm trying to prepare myself for the next 2 years of jumping!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    . . .and it never stops. You'll be doing it when you go for jobs and when you are in jobs; every year you will have a yearly evaluation to do on the job; as a working nursing you will be documenting, documenting, documenting; if you ever move to another state and have to endorse your license to a new state you'll have lots of paperwork. You didn't think the English requirement was just to be nasty, did you?
  4. by   Jules A
    If you can accept it and just learn to know "how high", don't ask because you should have already known, lol, then you will do great in nursing school.
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  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    And sometimes, the way you are doing it will be the best way to get THROUGH NS. If you look too far ahead, you'll feel like you're going to lose your mind because how will you EVER get it all done?

    If you take it one step/day/week at a time, it CAN be done...but sometimes, as pointed out above, it does feel like jumping through hoops, huh?

    Best wishes!!
  6. by   ally21
    Oh, I'm guessing you must've read my post since I mentioned how I guess I'll have to jump through hoops to get through nursing school? You'll do fine! Nursing school's challenging, but it can be done. Just stay positive. You'll meet a lot of great people who will support you through the program. I'm greatful that I found allnurses.com because it has helped a lot. My clinical group kept me sane this semester when I was having the problem with my CI. Each of them called me offering advice and told me not to give up. I didn't think I was going to survive my first semester, but I didn't give up and I'm on my way to NUR102! Nursing school's a lot of work. In a twisted way I'm probably lucky that my CI was hard on me because I know what's expected of me now and am working to improve my weaknesses. Good luck with nursing school.