Jobs for Nursing Students?

  1. does anyone know if hospitals have jobs for nursing students?

    i really don't want to waste time away from nursing studies with non-related work, and i really wanted to get more experience in a hospital setting ( even if it's not exactly nursing work )

    is there anything i can do? maybe i can be a nurse aid ? is it a lot of hours, and what does it take to be a nurse aid? technically i already know things because i AM nursing student and have clinicals at teh hospital.
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    Definitely check into being an aide. Over the last summer, I did a "student nurse externship" program at a hospital and they kept me on during the semester for 24 hrs a month. I basically do CNA work, but can do some more RN type things with RN supervision.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    Yes, hospitals have jobs for nursing students. Note many of these jobs may require completion of a year (two semesters) of nursing school clinicals. They are externships and from what I hear they are flexible with hours and the pay is a lot better then they pay a CNA though you are doing CNA work. Some externs I know have told me that our local hospital also lets them work on skills outside of those a CNA is allowed to do.

    Those I know who are not an extern but have a CNA license and are pre-nursing students are gaining valuable experience as well. Many have tole me that he/she will let the RNs know his/her ambition and are able to be taught or trained in various skills simply by asking questions.

    Others I know who are not CNAs or an extern work as clerks for the hospital. They are not gaining skills or able to learn procedures because of the jobs they are doing. However, they are learning the ends and outs of the hospital that he/she is planning to work some day. Sometimes they get to see something happening or overhear what is going on and I am told it can be quite motivating. Good luck.