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hello everyone!!! i thought...we are inching closer and closer to our start dates, it might be good to introduce ourselves and get aquainted as we will be leaning on each other (and those who are... Read More

  1. by   BRYTTANI18
    orientation date: february 8

    start date: january 7
    school attending: palm beach community college
    degree seeking: lpn
    school history:i have all my pre req's for the rn, but micro so i just decided to go for the pn to make better money when i go for my rn... plus there's a long waiting list.

    anything else you want to share: one mor month to go!!!!!

    how are you preparing?: getting ready to get a physical, immunizations, background check..etc. going to buy my books ahead of time just so i don't be like a dear caught in the headlights.
  2. by   yorkshiresrose
    orientation date:it was in november

    start date: 9th january 2008

    school attending:harrisburg area community college, pa

    degree seeking:adn

    school history:i finished my prereqs in spring but i failed my 10 point maths test, so i am currently taking my dosage calculations course.

    personal info:i am 25 years old, i am currently going through a divorce and i am engaged to a wonderful man, whom i'll marry as soon as my hubby signs!.

    anything else you want to share:good luck to everyone, i am a little nervous nut i am looking forward to starting

    how are you preparing:i have done all the necessaries (immunizations etc) and i leave for egypt on december 13th for 3 weeks, so not much preparing for me.
  3. by   LMRN10
    Quote from mytwosons
    orientation date: december 7

    start date: january 14

    school attending: texas woman's university-dallas

    degree seeking: bsn

    school history: i started nursing prerequisites in the fall of 2004, and i completed my last one this past summer. i took this fall semester off to be involved on the pta board of my sons' school.

    personal info: married for ten years, have two sons (5 and 7) and a daughter (2).

    anything else you want to share: good luck to everyone!! i am extremely excited about finally starting nursing school. while waiting the three long months to find out if i was accepted, i had many doubts about whether nursing was the right path for me to take (i was going back and forth between nursing and teaching), but after receiving "the letter," everything seems more clear as to what i should do.

    how are you preparing?: immunizations/titer are done. i'm trying to get the house in better order, more organized ... and researching good crockpot recipes. i'm reading "pathophysiology made incredibly easy," as well as glancing at the "saunders review for nclex" book. i've downloaded some free nursing apps to my palm. i'm going to wait to purchase textbooks, uniforms, etc. until we have our orientation next week.
    i have a 2 year old daughter as well!!! :spin:

    hey, would you mind sharing the website you got the free software from? i downloaded one thing, but that's it. can't remember from what site.
  4. by   CLC RN, BSN
    name: carrie

    orientation date: 01/08/08

    start date: 01/14/08

    school attending: osf st. francis medical center college of nursing

    degree seeking: bsn

    school history: attended highschool, graduated in 2005. attended community college for pre-req's, will finish on 12/11/07!

    personal info: no children, in a relationship with a wonderful guy.

    how are you preparing?: i am currently too busy with finals to prepare, during my christmas break i plan on reading a bit from each nursing book. also, i'm trying to spend as much time as i can with my boyfriend and friends over christmas break, since i know i won't be able to once school starts!

    i am so excited!
  5. by   HospiceRN88
    name: diedra

    orientation date: january 7

    start date: january 23

    school attending: college of lake county, grayslake illinois

    degree seeking: adn

    school history: started pre-req's in spring '07 - still need micro, psych and a humanities (can you say summer school)

    personal info: married with an 18 yr old daughter, a 9 yr old son. my kids have a dog, cat and a bearded dragon - i own none of these!

    anything else you want to share: i am looking forward to a&p being over.

    how are you preparing?: my immunizations and cpr is done. i have an appointment for my physical in dec. i can't wait until orientation, but am super nervous. got my rolling backpack and some school supplies. i hate black pens, (i think they should be outlawed) so i have to pick some of those up. i am looking for a watch and shoes i like, but no luck so far.
  6. by   nurse2b2010
    HELLO ALL, well I definiely feel like the Granny of the class! ha. Am an older pre-nursing student who is starting a second career at 48 yrs old. Will be 51 by the time I get my ASN. I will have all my pre-reqs done by the end of this fall semester 07, should know by March whether I am accepted into Fall 08 Nursing program here in Upstate NY.

    Married, hubby and I dairy farm, have four children between us, all grown, 1 precious granddaughter. I am excited about nursing school but also scared to death. Having a bit of trouble with Chem math. Have to pass it with at least a C so I can get into Fall program.

    I worried at first that I was too old to pursue a new career such as nursing, but now I am comfortable with that -- I just want to get in the Fall program and not have to wait another year. Love babies and would love to do L & D or neonnatal nursing. One of my fears is that sometimes I am too sensitive and I definitely need to build thicker skin (I am told) if I am going to be a nurse! But I believe nurses should be compassionate and caring. I don't want to become callous and hard. Know what I mean? I wish all of you luck too!
  7. by   QueensNurseNY
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  8. by   bunkindoodle
    name: kenny

    orientation date: december 10
    start date: january 2

    school attending: frankford hospital school of nursing, philadelphia, pa
    degree seeking: adn(from penn state)

    school history: started pre-req's in spring '04 at local community college, have finished all prerequisites, currently taking algebra and abnormal psychology. i currently hold a 3.875 gpa.

    personal info: married with no children. i have a dachsund named toby.
    anything else you want to share: i hate algebra. i've wanted to be a nurse since i was 16 years old and have been in school a couple of times since then but something always happened to keep me from getting my degree.

    how are you preparing?: my immunizations and cpr are also done. i've bought a rolling backpack, voice recorder, laptop computer, and will buy everything else on december 10 at orientation. i have plenty of pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, and sharpies. been leafing through some nclex review books. mosby's review is good because it breaks down everything by section and it has a lot of basic questions that even pre nursing student can use. good luck to all of us!!!!

  9. by   Barefoot_inSD
    the school canceled the program won't be starting until the fall.
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  10. by   haleygirl
    name: haley

    orientation date: january 2nd

    start date: january 11

    school attending: cabarrus college of health sciences

    degree seeking: adn

    school history: pre-nursing done

    personal info: i'm married with a 10 month old. i work prn at the hospital/

    how are you preparing?: i am going through burnout at the moment so i am going to just enjoy my time off so will be refreshed when school starts.
  11. by   mytwosons
    Quote from lmm1019
    I have a 2 year old daughter as well!!! :spin:

    Hey, would you mind sharing the website you got the free software from? I downloaded one thing, but that's it. Can't remember from what site.

    Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Free Products for Mobile Devices"

  12. by   dana7582
    name: dana

    orientation date: january 3-4, 2007

    start date: january 7, 2007

    school attending: georgia college and state university milledgeville, ga

    degree seeking: bsn

    school history: started college may 2002 as a biology major. will finish that december 2007. i was pre-dental but decided to go into nursing instead. finishing up pre-reqs this semester. i currently have a gpa of 3.81 after 5 years of college (not including this semester, hoping for all a's).

    personal info: i am 25 years old and living with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years and our 4 dogs and 1 cat.

    anything else you want to share: i am ready for this semester to be over with (december 10th). it was nothing short of stressful because i am taking 7 classes including a&p ii, microbiology, and nursing pharmacology.

    how are you preparing?: i just turned in all of my paperwork, clinical documents, immunization records, etc. i have my uniforms, stethescope, and bp cuff. i still have a lot left to buy. i also have a book called "test success" , "fundamentals success", and nclex cards by springhouse. my advisor told me i should look over these things during christmas break. i also plan on buying other study guides and getting familiar with lab values, nursing math, etc. i plan to get super organized over christmas break. i also bought an l-shaped desk so that i have plenty of room to study.
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  13. by   LMRN10
    Quote from dana7582
    personal info: i am 25 years old and living with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years and our 4 dogs and 1 cat.
    omg!!! 4 dogs??? i have one and he's enough!!!! you sound like my friend...i believe they have 3 dogs and a cat...whoa!!!