It's my first day (finally)!

  1. Can't believe it. I've been planning and preparing for nursing school for over a year and here I am...

    It's a night class so I've got all day to fret and worry and run worst-case scenarios through my head.

    I was in the nursing lab last week completing our pre-assignment--hours of videos and the NET. The lab instructor told me I could expect to live in the lab this semester. I have two lab classes--Nursing Skills Lab and Health Assessment. There will be checkoffs for both classes every week. I hope I can handle it! I hope I will hook up with some nice people to practice these things on. Surely not everyone has hooked up already (My biggest fear).

    So, that's it. Just waiting for tonight.
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  3. by   studentdeb
    Good luck today!!! I'm sure it will be fine.
  4. by   Debbie5
    I'm so excited for you!! I'm into my second week. It takes time to get adjusted after having the entire summer off, but I am so glad to have my routine back. Have a wonderful day and keep up the hard work!!

    My time is up for today; I only allow myself 30 to 45 mins a day to be on the computer. The library opens in five minutes and I have two chapters of medical physiology to read. Have a good day everyone!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i know how the excitement must be as i just started on aug. 26. let us know how it goes on your first night and all the best to you!
  6. by   RNIAM
    Hi I just noticed your post. How are you doing? Good luck either way.