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finally!!!! i finally got my acceptance letter! i start my clinicals in jan! i am so excited!... Read More

  1. by   MRed94


    I am still waiting to hear about mine......

    It's snowing and 27 degrees here...........

    Somebody let me borrow your florida backyard for a week....

  2. by   craff1
    Yippeeee!!!Horrayyy!! Horahhhh!!! whoooo-hooooooooooo!!!
    Good for you, Moni!! That's great. Don't ruin it by stressing about clinicals yet, you'll have plenty of time to stress later!! For now treat yourself to a huge bannana spits (or whatever your favorite thing is!!) You deserve it!
    ps raining cats and dogs here and way windy too, took my brain and spinal cord test tonight and came out of class and had to walk through the torrent to my car. Yuck! But my next door lady (bless her soul) came over w/ hot hommade chilli. How can you beat that? God must have been watching over me when he moved her next door, she's been a lifesaver these past few days!
  3. by   zacarias

    Congratulations girl!! This is great news. I remember when I got my acceptance letter back in May and it's such a great feeling! I'm finishing up first quarter of nursing and start second quarter in January.

  4. by   peaceful2100
    MONI, that is great news. CONGRATULATIONS. I know what it is like to be stressed about getting an acceptance letter and then getting one but the a whole new stress about classes take over. Try not to worry too much you will do great.
  5. by   delirium
    Congratulations, Moni!!
    I'm sure everyone on this forum remembers the day they received that acceptance letter. I remember I got mine in the mail and I was so excited and we went out to dinner to celebrate. I'm just winding down my first semester of the ADN program .
    You'll do great! School is so exciting!
    And I was nervous about clinicals, but I love them now. Its the best part of the program for me.
    Do something nice for yourself.
    Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!