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A lot of people express a certain level of stress and dislike towards nursing school. I'm wondering what about nursing school do you not like? Or what irriates you or seems to be hard to deal with.... Read More

  1. by   HisTreasure
    Quote from mom2michael
    1. Grown adults who act like they are in grade school. I've never so many people throw a fit better than my 6 YOA son over stupid stuff that they have no control over.

    2. Teachers that expect you to complete all your work by this deadline and then take 5 weeks to grade it.

    3. Teachers who are NEVER in their office during their hours, never answer your email and never return your phone calls but expect you to be in class 24/7.

    4. Teachers that teach on subjects they have no knowledge on...tell you that they don't understand XYZ so it won't be on the test and then you take the test and 90% of the test is on XYZ.

    5. Group projects.

    6. Teachers who say they are going to post assignments and check the stupid BB several times a day....and they never post it until the last min. and then they post "well....I had something come up so I didn't have time to post what was needed...don't worry about knowing that or doing that". But then YOU have a family emergency come up and the teacher comes unglued.

    Too all the above: AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN. Did I mention, AMEN?
  2. by   abundantjoy07
    I can understand all the reasons you guys seems like we are all in the same boat!

    -Whitney...the pump is the best thing EVER!!! I completely understand your love of your pump. Mine isn't going anywhere ANYTIME soon!
  3. by   helpinghands
    Gym class!! We were required to take 3 semesters of PE (for our own wellness)!! It was horrible, we had to buy a book, write research papers, journals and essays, and show up to the gym and work out every week.

    Teachers that lie. There has been quite a bit of turmoil at the school regarding accredidation and the possiblility of the school being on/ or going to be put on probation. Half the teachers so no this isn't true, the other half say it is true. We just can't get straight answers.

    Equality for all the students. It seems that if you spend enough time in the office of various instructors complaining and whining, it is possible to have rules and guidelines changed. i.e. allowing test retakes or lower passing scores so that more people pass. (This probably why they're having issues with accredidation!)

    And of course adult students regressing to high school antics. Some of the things that go on are so ridiculous!

    I'm so glad it's going to be over soon.
  4. by   mariedoreen
    The things that make it challenging or difficult for me are:

    The mountains of material we are expected to cover in a short time. It is like no other college class I have ever taken...

    Test questions that don't pertain to the aforementioned mountains of material that were assigned...

    Instructors that are probably awesome nurses but are still getting the "teaching" thing down...

    Group Projects! One section we did this term was divided up and different portions of what we were supposed to learn were divided amongs the groups. Then each group divided their section among members and each member gave their presentation along with their group to the entire class. This was how we were "taught" the material. The first member of the first group went up and said something I thought was incorrect. It may not have been, but that seed was planted -- can I trust what these STUDENTS are teaching me?! I pretty much closed my ears right there so I would not "learn" something that was incorrect. After all the presentations were given two days later I talked with a lot of other students who said the same thing: they learned a lot about what they had had to prepare, but NOTHING about anything that was presented to them by another student.

    And last but not least... Peers that are not supportive of each other... What's all the competition about? We're all in the same program, we've all got an equal opportunity to graduate, it's not like they let 100 in to compete for 50 graduation spots. Why do some people have to try to outdo everyone?!