Is there even a chance for me to pass nursing school

  1. I'm a first-semester nursing student seeking help. I just got out of an exam today and got a 74 on my exam but during and after, felt so confident that I got an extremely good grade that I would get out of a rut. As I talk to you wonderful people, my first exam I got a 36/50, 86/100, 78/100, and 78/100. And today I got the 74/100. My grade sits at a %78.75. A 78 is a pass. I still have 1 more exam that is worth 100pts and a finale that is 200. But I feel like it's all over for me. I've always been one to pass by the skin of my teeth in high school but atm I'm an emotional wreck. I've poured and sacrificed so much to get here just to watch me slowly fail out. I'm having terrible thoughts ( literally feel the need to see psychiatrists lol -not really that funny though). I Feel like I'm falling to rock bottom and I'm just not cut out for it but I want it so bad!! I feel like I'm doing all I can and with me being the only one in my family to go to college, I got so many eyes on me that I will literally be a failure. I'm not just anxious or worried. I'm literally terrified and scared of failing and I'm not sure what I would do.
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  3. by   tonyl1234
    I'm guessing you're just going by points and that's how your exams are weighted. If that's true, you need 233 points out of the 300 left to get a 78.

    Get 80% on both tests and you pass. You're pretty much right there with your grades, just put a little extra into studying the next couple weeks.

    You're still doing fine. Stop stressing. And if you do fail, it's not the end of the world. And talk to anyone farther into the program, and they'll back up that failing or dropping is pretty common. You're not a failure if you fail. That's just life, we all fail at something important at some point. Stress will make this way harder than it needs to be. Get over the mentality that you have to pass. And just take everything 1 week at a time and you'll do fine.
  4. by   SN2014
    Yes it's possible. Try to stay calm, study, and take care of yourself. If you are that stressed and having bad thoughts there's also no shame in seeing your primary care doc regarding it. During nursing school I was also very stressed and dealing with many home issues. I got on an SSRI from my PCP and there's no shame in that.
    Consider what way you study best. Is it in the quiet? If so visit the library or go to a park to review. Is it in groups? Get together with a few people from class. Reading? Flashcards? Consider what works best for you and how you retain knowledge. Don't try to wait until last minute to cram. Don't over study (this sounds sill but at one point over-studying just doesn't soak in and only increases panic). Remember that you won't retain knowledge while panicking. Remember to take care of yourself. Eat a good meal and get good rest the night before the exam (take a benadryl or melatonin if you need to). Wake up and eat a good breakfast. Remember to relax and breathe. You are passing now. I know how stress inducing it is to sit at that cut off. I found myself in your situation at times in my program as well. Matter of fact, a lot of my fellow classmates did as well and felt the same exact way. I ended up adopting a "Cs get degrees" saying... lol. Try to relax, see your pcp if your need to. If your school lets you review after tests, do so. Mine gave the option to challenge questions and provide referenced rationale. (If you can, do this as well.. even if it's a long shot. Time wasted challenging a question is better than not passing by <1%)...
    One of my friends ended up failing because she was 77.7% and they do not round up. She started the semester again with the next group and graduated. I'm not saying it to worry you but if it would happen to work out that way I'm here to tell you all over your accomplishments will not be going down the drain. You can continue on after. My friend did, as well as a few others from my initial accepted class and guess what? They now have the same degree and are making the same as me.
    Don't let this discourage you let it fuel your fire to focus. You can do this! You are doing it. You've made it this far and you are passing now. You will be successful.

    Hang in there and the best of luck! I can't stress enough, remember to take care of yourself! Make "you" as much of a priority as your schooling.

    You got this!
  5. by   Cupcake2018
    If you believe that it is over for you, then it will be. The most important thing I've learned as a nursing student thus far is that we have to fake it till we make it. It's a self-fulfiling prophacy kind of thing. If you believe you can do it then you probably will. There are so many aspects about this line of study/work that can be phycically, academically, and emotionally challenging. When the self-doubt thoughts creep in, do the opposite of what they're telling you. A year ago, I was petrified of clinical, I had no measurable confidence in myself or my abilities, and took on a minor so I could work on that and postpone the clinical for a semester. That was a mistake. I'm still scared at clinical at times, but I act confident. As a result, I am better able to do the things I had previously convinced myself I couldn't do, which has given me some of the real confidence that I need to move forward. For instance: I gave my first IM injection yesterday. Let me tell you, I hate shots! The thought of sticking needles in people scared me. But I chose to see it as an oportunity to do a new skill and I pretended to be excited and made sure those around me knew it. I ignored the evil voice of self-doubt. I gave the shot, and wasn't all that nervous doing it. Everyone survived. I now know I can do this skill in the future.

    It's hard to change bad thinking patterns and it's a lengthy process, but the results will be worth it. Start with your thinking.
  6. by   cin808
    I feel your pain. I came on here now because I'm stressing about the 3rd exam of my final semester that I took today. I have worked so very hard to get this far and I'm stressing because this may be the first test that I failed. My program requires an 80 to pass. I currently have an 85 but with this test I'll be lucky to still have an 80. I've never had to go into a final exam needing a certain grade to pass the course and I don't know how I will deal with the stress.

    Again, I worked so hard, put my schooling before so many things, including time with my kids. I was treated for breast cancer during the 3rd semester and felt like nothing could stop me. I studied my butt off but there was something like 700 slides for 50 questions! I am hoping for an 80 but thinking more like 76 or 78.

    Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Good luck!
  7. by   Timbo117
    *Update!* so I scored a 70 on exam 1, 86 on exam 2, 78 on 3, 78 on 4, 74 on 5 , and 75 on 6.... my final exam (drum roll) a freaking 80% I couldn't believe I got 80 nursing style questions correct out of a 100!! It not an a or b. But this crap is hard and I'm extremely proud of my self. I'm going to start reviewing test taking books over winter break about stems and stuff apparently... and recommendations? And thanks for the support guys !!!! I really want you to know your positive thoughts and comments helped me going into my final, this may sound stupid but I actually didn't check my grade on exam 6 because I was so nervous on how I did and did not want it to affect my final and I'm glad I didn't lol!
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    Way to go! Passed with 2 points to spare. Now you've got to figure out what's giving you so much trouble so you're not so stress in future classes.