Is there a typical rotation that's done for each semester or does it depend...

  1. On the school? What I mean is, do most schools have, for instance, Med/Surg for semester 1, OB for semester 2, Psych for semester 3, etc? Or is every school different?

    I'm wondering because I REALLY want to get an externship in OB/L&D, but externships are offered after 2nd semester, and I don't even know if I will have gone through that area by then, which makes me doubt they would put an extern in the department who hasn't even had any practical training yet in the area.
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    I think some of it must vary... ours started with a rural/cultural class that wasn't hospital-based, the real clinicals start with med-surg, LTC and psych in 2nd semester. This summer half will take OB/Peds and half will take Crisis (which I guess is ICU, ER, ???- our class descriptions are always in code). They will take whichever of those two they didn't take in the Fall, plus some Challenging and Shaping class, which again is in code. Then we have Community nursing and a practice clinical elective the last semester. They have changed some of it for the new class entering in the Fall.
    I would just ask when your school does OB! Best wishes
  4. by   dansamy
    I don't know. I reckon it depends on the school. My school has this schedule:
    • 1st Semester - Fundamentals (which I assume clinicals for that wuld be in a general medical ward)
    • 2nd Semester - Adult Health (general medical ward, again) Psych (we all know where that will be) and Geriatrics (nursing home)
    • 3rd Semester - Peds (PICU maybe) and Psych II
    • 4th Semester - Adult Health II (medical wards), Maternal/NB (OB/LD/Nursery wards)
    • 5th Semester - Adult Health III (medical wards again I suppose - maybe they progress us through the acuity levels - I=not that sick, II=critical, III=ICU patients?)
    So in our school, we do not do OB/L&D until the 4th semester.
  5. by   jonnygirl27
    1st Semester: Med/Surg and Nursing homes
    2nd Semester: OB and Peds
    3rd Semester: Nephrology (we have a HUGE DM and ESRD population in my area) and psych nursing.
    4th Semester: ICU/Critical Care and Preceptorship (working side by side with an RN in a chosen area of emphasis)
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    They were different for all the schools I applied to. Even the sister community colleges in our state said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to transfer from one college to another while in the nursing program, because they all do their rotations differently.

    All the colleges I looked at though did OB as one of their last rotations, so like the 3rd or 4th semester. None were doing it first year.
  7. by   AmyB
    I - Foundations (general med)
    II - Med/Surg I & II
    III - ICU / ER
    IV - OB/Pedi
    V - Psych/Management
  8. by   LauraLou
    1- General Med/Surg
    2- OB & Peds
    3- Advanced Med/Surg & Psych
    4- ICU/Critical Care & Management
  9. by   icesk8ie
    1st semester: LTC and Med-Surg
    2nd semester: Med-Surg
    3rd semester: Psych/med-surg push and OB
    4th semester: ICU/Peds and Geriatrics/Preceptorship
  10. by   jenrninmi

    I: Primary Care/OB
    II: Med Surg/Psych or Peds
    III: Med Surg II /Psych or Peds
    IV: Preceptorship (I think - this is what I've been told by a fellow student), and leadership
  11. by   tmarie75
    In my school it's:
    1st semester: Fundamentals
    2nd semester: Med/Surg I
    3rd semester: Peds/OB
    4th semester: Psych/Community Health
    5th semester: Med/Surg II
  12. by   perfectbluebuildings
    In my school clinicals start second semester sophomore year, so that is Semester 1 on this list:
    1: Fundamentals- nursing home and local small hospital
    2: Psych, and Maternity/OB
    3: Adult and Pediatric I- a long-term respiratory care center, a children's hospital and an adult med-surg unit
    4: Adult and Peds II- a VA hospital and local school nurses, and
    Community Health I- not sure of the setting
    5: Community Health II- again, not sure of the setting, and
    Synthesis- our preceptorship class, in a setting of our choosing

    so... to the OP... like everyone is saying, I guess it basically depends on your school! good luck with your schooling!
  13. by   llg
    Klone: I would talk with the people who run the externship program. Tell them of your great interest and ask if it might be possible for you to get the externship you want in light of your school's curriculum. You are making an assumption about them requiring clinical experience there before they would hire you. That might not be true. Also, by meeting with them and expressing your great interest, you will probably boost your chances of being selected.

    I run the externship program at my hospital -- a children's hospital. Many of our externs have not yet had their peds rotation. We know that many of our local schools don't teach peds until the senior year, so we have taken that into consideration when planning our program. Perhaps the hospital you are interested in has done the same thing. Give them a chance.

    Good luck,
  14. by   wonderbee
    1st Semester: Med Surg I
    2nd Semester: OB and Med Surg II
    3rd Semester: Peds and Med Surg III
    4th Semester: Psych; Critical Care and Preceptorship