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I graduated a few years back with a BS in biology and have finally figured out that nursing is my calling:) If you already had a degree prior to entering nursing school, did you enter the... Read More

  1. by   kmarie724
    I graduated from college with a double major in psychology and philosophy in May 2004, but never really thought about what I was going to do when I was done with school. After graduation, I took what was suppose to be a temporary job waiting tables, but I acutally made more moeny doing that than anything else I was qualified for. I had looked into getting a MPH after college at the suggestion of one of my psych professors, but I never applied to the program, but it made me think that maybe nursing was something I would like to do. Around this same time, I was talking with my mom about what I should do for the rest of my life and she said "Have you ever thought about going into nursing? I think you'd be good at it and enjoy it." I told her that I in fact had and was thinking about applying to the post-baccularate program at the same college I got my first degree from and now here I am. The program I'm in isn't accelerated per say, but it's condensed a little because it's designed for working adults, so classes meet evenings and weekends.
  2. by   rodge
    i graduated 4 yrs ago with BS Biology and here i am now 2nd year student taking up nursing, i just realized that nursing is really the right path for me... :smiley_ab
  3. by   xochitluna
    I am just starting back to school now working on my pre-req's. When I complete those I plan on going into an accelerated program. My first degree was a BA in Anthropology/Sociology. I have been working for the last 7 years in an engineering dept troubleshooting and found out that I am great at that but I really like working with something that is more focused on helping people. (I can not wait too go back to school full-time!):spin:
  4. by   cherokeesummer
    I have a degree in Psych and thought that is what I wanted to do. I still enjoy it but not the same passion if that makes sense. Somehow I got turned on to nursing (even though my mom tried to get me to do it when I graduated high school and I didn't).

    I am in a diploma program b/c it was the only night/weekend program in my area and at the time I had a full tiem day job working in human resources. I am now a stay at home mom and full time student still.
  5. by   RN BSN 2009
    My first, and my last, hopefully! :spin:
  6. by   arciedee
    Quote from amyk_ncsu
    I already have a ba in psychology, but i'm just going the adn route. I'll spend about two years (skipping one semester where my last class isn't offered) and then perhaps move on to get an msn. I haven't heard of this direct-entry MSN program. Can you really get an MSN w/o getting your RN first, or am I misunderstanding this?
    Yes, direct-entry programs are intended for people who do not have the RN yet. The pre-licensure courses are included as part of the curriculum and the RN is earned along the way.
  7. by   MB37
    Kmarie - yours sounds famiiar! I graduated with a BS in 2001, double major in psych and history with a minor in business. I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do - contemplated law school, among other things - but I had bartended through college and made good money, so I thought I'd "bartend for a year while I figured it out." Almost 6 years later...I'm still a bartender, but should finally start an accelerated second degree program in May of 2007 and graduate August 2008. Then maybe MSN someday, but will work for a few years first and hopefully have some babies...
  8. by   beepeadoo
    Quote from mvanz9999

    I actually have a degree in Fine Arts. That didn't work, so I slipped into I/T, and I've been doing that for the past 12 years. I'm planning on attending a direct-entry MSN program.

    Unfortunately the accelerated BSN's around here require so many pre-reqs that I don't have, I would essentially spend 4 years getting another BSN anyway. So I'm skipping all that and going MSN.
    Hey heyyyyy here's to another Artist-turned-Nurse Me too. Been a graphic designer for the last seventeen years. And knew I needed a change and considered something I'd always been drawn to. So far, one year into prerequisites, it's killing me, and I'm LOVING it!
  9. by   Ado Annie
    Quote from 82airborne
    Stayed at the crapy forklift job (pay was good but hated the people and the job) until my last year of nursing school.
    How did you do that? Was the factory job a night shift?
    I ask because I don't know how to do the traditional nursing school program when I have to support my family (dh is currently unemployed and has never made much money -- what I get for marrying an artist)

    The traditional course will mean THREE YEARS of nursing school ... being able only to work at night. I'm looking at accelerated second degree programs, but don't know if that will happen or not.
  10. by   smattles1of2
    I have a BS in chemistry and worked in quality control at Miller Brewing for almost 2 years. Then I worked on getting my masters' in secondary education then I changed my mind and now i'm going to nursing school in January!
  11. by   joyfulgal
    I graduated with a BS in Health & Sport Sciences and have been working as a fitness instructor and trainer for the past five years. Not bad getting paid to workout as well as help others in health and fitness, but as fun as that is I am ready to be a nurse! I will begin an accelerated program in Aug'07 for a BSN that will take one year to complete. It is full time with clinicals and class so there won't be much time for anything else. First I have to make it through Organic Chemistry, which is a huge challenge, and Microbiology. It will all be here before I know and can't wait to START!
  12. by   Sunshine0425
    I earned my BA in Theology five years ago this spring. I am currently in an accelerated ASN program. I can't wait to graduate in May!!!!!! I am also now looking into RN-MSN since I have a bachelors already. There is a FNP program here through Loyola that does the RN-MSN for those who hold bachelor degrees in other fields.
  13. by   Mission
    I have a BA in Computer Science & Neuroscience and an MS in information systems. I worked for 7 years in clinical informatics before deciding to go to nursing school. I just finished the BSN portion of my BSN/MSN program. I work for my school as a researcher during the day and tomorrow I start my night job as a peds HIV nurse.