Is anyone else freaking out!!!!

  1. Sorry I just have to let some of this out. I am so stressed out right now. I have foundations final Thursday, A health Assessment Exam Friday, which I have about a 69 avg in the class. Foundations I should pass, but not by much. Health Assessment I pretty much need a miracle unless I do really good on this exam. Besides that I am having the worst time keeping my concentration on studying. I am distracted so easily right now I will be shocked if I finish this thread. Clinicals are starting soon with care plans and all, and that is going to make it worse. I am also sick of working in the mall during the holidays. If I see one more happy couple I am going to lose it. Well, I am going to start working just weekends in a after this next week, so maybe that will hep. I am also going to see my doctor and ask her about anti-depressants. I never believed in them, seems stupid to me to need a pill to make you happy, but I am willing to try anything right now. Sorry to make y'all listen to my problems, but my 2 best friends are in boot camp now, so I have to vent somewhere.

    P.S. I am also sick of those people who never study and get A's, if you do this do everyone a favor and lie and say you study!! thanks
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    I have to ditto your ps. I totally understand that feeling. I study my butt off all the time so I can learn as much as I can. Sometimes, with as much as I admit to studying and how competetive nursing is, I don't feel as *smart*.

    Good luck to you and your program. Just remember to slow down once in a while and take some time for yourself. Vent away if you need to, this BB is good for that.
  4. by   nursing 101
    That also gets to me, I study alot and this one girl in class always says she studies the night before a test. She always get A's in A & P. I get them too but I study ALOT! Boy I can't wait to we hit the nursing classes to see if she'll still keep it up...
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    clint, i too have to re-group about studying. those days when you feel like taking a break to do something fun for a few minutes, do. it is healthy and keeps you going. let us know how you are doing and vent on us anytime.
  6. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hi Clint,

    In regards to anti-depressents... They don't make you HAPPY. However, they do help you fight frustration and anxiety. Actually, sometimes you get a numing effect. You don't feel happy and excited or unhappy and sad. Basically, you still have to make your own happiness. Something that we should ALL do anyway.

    I agree with the other posts and would like to make comments...

    NO EFFORT "A"... Do we really believe those that say they don't study... I don't. Also, it is relative. Are they parents? Do they have 2 jobs + go to school? etc.

    Taking time for oneself... Now, that goes a long way. If you can force yourself to take some time off. play Tennis, go running, have a Beer (or 2). I don't know what I would do if I didn't reward myself at times....

    Hope I've helped....
  7. by   Vsummer1
    I study ALL the time! I always carry a book or my notes. I do my flashcards before i turn out the light at night.

    Only I do NOT study the night before the exam. I eat a nice dinner, relax, get a good nights sleep. Then I review my notes before the exam (and I eat a good breakfast that morning). It just seems that if I start studying the night before I get worked up about it, and lose sleep which is the LAST thing you need before an exam! It seems to work so far, I am getting high grades.

    One girl in our class is so smart and she doesn't study, but only gets high C's. If she would study, she would be A's for sure. But she doesn't "need" to study to pass the class. I could not have that mentality, if I got a C I would want to study for an A... but I have to study hard just for my B average *sigh....
  8. by   clintn91180
    Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. It's nice to know that I am not the only one is stressed. Thanks to my classmates and help from people like you, I haven't dropped out yet. that is yet though. Thanks for the information on the anti-depressants missy, have to see a doctor and do a little more research on them. but again thanks for all of your support, I am glad that other people do have to try
  9. by   ladygal
    i think that the people that say they do not study in nursing school are LIERS!! Every single one of them.....
  10. by   Rena RN 2003
    hmmmm. i guess i could be considered a "lier" then. i study my hiney off now but when i first started nursing school (fundamentals and such) i didn't study for several exams and always made high Bs. things are much more complex now with disease processes. fundamentals was just more basic for me. i guess i just retain much of what i hear during lecture. so far i've managed to retain a 3.67 gpa

    i've also seen other people that way in our class. some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some put forth moderate effort with studying, and some study all the time! i think everyone is just different and that doesn't make any of them wrong.
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    Please be careful with the anti-depressants.... I always hate seeing someone get attached to a pill, just to make school a lil easier... But if you do NEED them, then take them.... I get stressed and have thought about them, but I don't want to be numb... Plus it isn't like working is gonna be less stressful either, and I refuse to be on meds just to make it from day to day at work/school...

    Good Luck...
  12. by   clintn91180
    Thanks everyone for your help again. Nurs2b thanks for your concern, but I am not going to start taking anti-depressants just because of school. I've had severe depression since I can really remember now. Not saying I will take them anyways, but I am just trying to weigh my options as it really interferes with my life. My mother suffered from major depression really bad for a long time, and the last couple of years has been on anti-depressants and it has worked wonders. I will talk to my doctor and see what she thinks, and maybe she can clear things up. Thanks for your concern

    Clint Nelson
  13. by   babynursewannab
    I get A's and I don't study.....when I'm ASLEEP!!!!!

    I work my butt off and I also think it's rude to announce to people that an A has been accomplished without effort when it's known that others worked themselves to death and didn't get the grade they wanted. Some people simply test better than others. Plus, some of those snotty A students could very well not pass their clinincals. Lots of book smarts, but....

    As for the chemistry. Sorry it's so hard for you. That was my biggest hurdle in prereq's too. The only thing I can suggest is find all the study aids you can cram into your time. Each one presents the information a little different and one is bound to click. I probably was online or reading about chemistry most of my waking hours.

    Good luck and keep your head up. We defeat ourselves better than anyone ever beats us! You CAN do it. Remember that.

  14. by   zacarias
    You guys are all talking about antidepressants for anxiety and stress. While they certain ones can help with anxiety, I prefer just PRN benzos myself.