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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   2005 Nurse
    Hello Everyone!

    I am 25, married and made my application for the nursing program (ADN) last week! Now it is time to wait. I realized though that October will be here soon! So, I am waiting and working on more core classes, A&P2, Nutrition, Hist., and French. I think it will be a good warm up, I CANT WAIT TO START

    Good LUck to everyone who has made the first step, and looking up
  2. by   RN2BNYC
    Hello everyone,
    I am 29 yrs old ,married and the mother of five boys. All ranging in ages 9 to 2 . I was just accepted into the nursing program at New York Tech College. I start school Sept. 2 Im a little nervous. I am taking some prereqs this semester. I have to take bio 101 and a math course called math concepts and applications not too sure what these classes entail, can anyone give me some insight? Then if i do well i can start my nursing courses with a&P next semester
  3. by   Nurse_Ben
    Howdy there all you nurses! I'm a 28 year old male in my second year of nursing. I just started my clinicals and I'm really excited! Any advice from you pros out there?
  4. by   Back2School@40
    Greetings to All,

    I just got home from my first day of my Nursing Program, and just had to share it with someone. Since no one is home, I thought I would bend the ears of all you kind folks (fellow students) out there.:roll
    Firstly, a little bit about myself. I am 41 years old and am finally realizing my dream of becoming a nurse. It truly has been a life long ambition for me that, due to certain circumstances, was put on hold for.. ooohh...about 25 years
    But now, thanks to some creative financial aid, a very supportive family, and of course a year and a half of hard work taking prerequisites........I STARTED NURSING SCHOOL TODAY!!!:roll
    I am excited and terrified all at the same time. We received our schedules today for theory classes, lab, and clinical rotations and it is quite overwhelming. But, I will just take a deep breath and dive in head first.
    Well, thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I expect I will be using these forums for support quite often in the next few years.

    4 semesters and counting...........
  5. by   ibmissy
    Hi there!

    I am Missy. I am a 31 yr old mother of three. Ages 2 yrs to 10 yrs old. I was once married when I was young, but got divorced..Don't want to make the same mistake twice so I am happily living in sin with my longtime boyfriend. I just(Yesterday I passed interview and entrance exam) got into a private technical school for the LPN program. I presently work in a nursing home 3rd shift as a CNA. When classes start mid September I will be cutting my hours to every other weekend. Eventually I may go on to be an RN, but for now I am satisfied with the decision I have made.
  6. by   kahumai
    Hello! I'm Jackie, 23 years-old, no kids, on my own since age 18. I just started my 1st semester of a 5 semester BSN program.

    Graduation date: December, 2005 (and let me tell you, that seems like ages from now!)

    Then comes my Masters....
  7. by   goober4699
    HI! my name is Mary and I'm a 21 y/old mom of a 4 y/old. Im entering my fourth year of college and have just decided that I'm going to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. I will graduate in May/04 with a bachelors in liberal arts. My current GPA is 3.6 and I dont expcect it to drop dramatically in my last year of college. I went into college thinking that nursing was my calling and for the first semester I took that ever exhausting A&P class, sociology class, psychology class and intro english comp. I roughed it the whole semester because of that damn anatomy class and ended up with a 4.0!!! SO this made me even sure that nursing was for me so in my 2nd semester I wrapped up English comp and A&P, took developmental psych and then started on my language (spanish) once again I came out with a perfect GPA. Then came summer, I had decided that if I wanted to be a nurse I should probably secure myself a job in a hospital so that I could get into a position I wanted. It just so happens tht my mom is a healtcare manager and has worked at the same hospital for twenty years! Subsequently, this made it quite easy for me to get myself a job as a unit clerk and so in the end of may I started. The job itself isnt so bad and being that I work only per-diem i don't get all to bored, it isnt a job that requires much thinking so it gave me plenty of time to work on the marriage and fam class I took over the summer which I liked. I learned some basics such as: putting together charts, reading orders, entering things in the comp, filling out lab sheets, filing forms and stocking unit supplies. This came in handy at first and I even looked more and more forward to Nursing as a career. However, all that started to change about a month into the job. I started to hear constant complaints from the staff about the jobs demands and the patients complaints, the doctors disrespect and the family members bickering, the fact that they were ICU nurses and sometimes had more then two patients at a time and then of course the ever present problem with staffing. They complained about the dirtiness of the job, the 12 hour shifts that often turned into 15 and above all they complained about eachother. I never heard so many insulting comments being made by a bunch of sheltered suburbinites in my life. This is an inner city hospital but everyone there seems to be from the rich suburbs or the shoreline. I started to think that maybe nursing wasnt for me and in turn became scared away from it, so much that in the fall I changed my major from pre-nursing to liberal arts and continued the next two years without an actually determined major. Then over this past summer I did some part-time work in the clinic, i decided that I wanted some extra hours and a change of pace and so I started early this past june. The person who ran the clinic was a very down to earth young doctor with a specialization in infectious disease. The staff nurses were mostly middle aged african american women with colorful pasts like myself. They didnt make me feel out of place because I was white and young, infact it even started to become a joke that I was their adopted child lol. I instantly felt at home with this group of ppl and enjoyed every moment of working with them. After a couple of weeks I began training as a PCT and in just a few weeks I was completely trained, able to draw blood and all! I loved it so much that it made me realize how silly it was of me to change my life goals because of the negativity of a bunch of spoiled boxed in ungreatful nurses. I am now rallying to finish up my last year in school and then enter into the competetive accelerated BSN program. I realized that helping ppl in need is what i want. I want to work with those that dont have luxury in life and survival is their number one instinct. ppl who are grounded, young ppl at risk, teenage moms like myself, ppl who know what the real world is all about and dont hide in a bubbly fantasy, but above all I want to be a nurse and nothing is going to stop me from being one. I have a phenomenal support system, i am lucky enough to be madly in love with my high school sweetheart and be able to raise my daughter in a home full of love, not only does she have her mom and dad but she has her very down to earth, suppotive grandmom. I am so happy to have found a thread of women who are just as motivated as I am to help ppl because that is what life is all about. sorry so long but I was extremely energetic today
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  8. by   Pucci
    Hi My name is Pucci and I'm married and a mother of 4 (13, 9, 5, 1). I am starting my 1st year BSN program this fall. I haven't decided if I'm going to specialize in forensics or anesthetitist. I want to say that I am very excited!!:roll I can't wait. If anyone has any advice for a mom, wife and student, I am accepting all suggestions on how to cope and manage
  9. by   whistle19

    I'm Tony. 44 yrs old father of 2 sons (20 and 19). I am deleriously in love with my fiance, and her son. I'm in my 3rd semester part time taking pre-reqs for an AAS degree in nursing. I hope to start my clinicals spring 2004. I'm currently enrolled in A&P 1 (bio 109 in these parts). Once I've completed that course I'm cleared to begin clinicals. If my plans hold true (we all know how that turns out, but, I remain hopeful) I'll graduate in the fall of 2005.

    I'm an ex-IBM programmer (laid off 6/2002 almost 20yrs to the day of being hired) and I currently work nights for an EMS company. I am a system status controler (fancy name for a dispatcher), and an EMT.

    Tony J.
  10. by   TaraRN2004
    Hi, Im Tara 24 in the RN program and will graduate august 2004
    mother of three cats, two dogs, and a bird. Have a great boyfriend and family. Good luck to allllll!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   hansenmommy
    Hi all! I will be starting my Nursing classes in about 2 weeks!! I am doing an ADN program and will graduate in Spring 2005. I hope to go on to get my BSN at some point also. I will be 26 next month. I have three children and have been married for close to 7 years. I am a stay at home mom and a full time student. I really look forward to posting and sharing experiences with you all!

  12. by   EyesForward
    I'm Wendy, and I'm an energetic 42, with a 12 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I love to cook and run, and am addicted to kitchend stuff. (Hey, some people like jewelry, others....) I started back to school last year, and have finished all the minimum req's to apply to a 2 yr. program. I hope to make the first cut (Jan), but if I don't I have several other classes to take to bring my points up, and should make it in NLT next fall. This semester I am taking A&P II, will clep Sociology, and am taking phlebotomy training at night. My clinicals for phlebotomy start in 2 weeks! Very excited about getting some clinical exposure, and about getting the extra point on my application for being in the health field. See you on the board!
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    to all new posters, welcome!