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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   2banurse
    Hi Opalm,

    Thank you for your response. I plan on applying for next fall's nursing class, but after spending two +years on this degree, I'll have my AA in accounting, mainly just to have that piece of paper in my hand. As the only class I have to take for this degree is a humanities class, I can take the nursing prereqs as well.

    I just wonder what kind of response I'm going to get when I apply to the nursing program, I'm worried that I might be shut out because of it, despite the fact that I will have the prereqs by the time the next class starts, I have a good GPA and I plan to get my application in during the priority period at my school.

  2. by   nynurse2b
    Hello Everyone!!!

    My name is Sedrina. I am 27 and married with two children ages 7 and 3. I work full time and will be starting my ADN progarm Jan 2003 (yippie). It is nice to see so many moms on this site! Moms making things happen. Good luck to everyone. Its nice to know you are not alone.
  3. by   mumhuff
    Hey Johnny 80339,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement! I do enjoy learning, it's just that some classes seem overwhelming at times. Finals are coming up fast and with Gods' help I'll survive them and keep my 3.5 GPA intact.

    Again thank you for your time and concern.
  4. by   EMT-RN-Hopeful
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Heidi I am 22 and have been married for 3 years next month and mother to a 8mo old baby girl Victoria.. I am currently an EMT and hoping to start my ADN pre req this fall I am very excited about becoming a nurse just a little scared with all the comments about how hard it is since I won't be able to dedicate all my time to school and studying since I have a family but a lot of you have more kids than I do so I know it can be done..

    I look forwad to getting to know ya'll better...

  5. by   sarcomere
    I'm Anna, last semester of ADN. Supposed to graduate Dec 14th but we have a silly requirement at our school. You fail if you have a 82% exam average and none of your other work (all 94% or more)counts towards that average, nor the passing of clinicals. So I may not be graduating. I have 2 exams left (one is a cumulative final exam) that i have to acquire 97% at least. Next exam is monday and they're 60 questions, this means I'm allowed only 1-2 incorrect. Another not so nice thing: All our exams are written in "NCLEX-RN format" by our instructors. Please say a prayer for good luck to a nursing student who desparately needs one. Thanks!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    heidi, and welcome; much continued success to you.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    , anna! welcome and all the best to you.
  8. by   Bonnie Rabbit
    Hello Everyone! I've been exploring this site this afternoon and have been really excited about what I've seen! Thanks to member posts for giving me some insights! And thanks in advance for all I will be able to read in the near future!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    bonnie; welcome!
  10. by   artmanusaf
    Hello to all.......
    My name is Arthur, I am a 38 years old student, preparing to retire from active military service (21 years) with the USAF. I am a Computer Science BS degree holder married to a BSN RN TNS CCM, who has shown me that nursing has always been in my blood. We have three children (21 - Son, 20 - Daughter, and 16- Daughter). I am currently taking my prerequisites for an Accelerated BSN program at St Louis University. Nursing is the only other profession besides law enforcement, and firemen who earn the same respect as members of the armed forces. I served my country for decades, and by becoming a nurse, I will be able to continue to protect and assist the citizens of the greatest Nation in the world.
  11. by   Wolfbeareagle
    Hi, my name is Mary. I am just starting nursing school. I will start my Nursing Core in the Summer '03. I am a single mom with 2 wonderful boys 9 and 4. I will be graduating Dec 17, 2004. It is a Diploma program, RN. I am currently going to school at Southwest TN Comm. College, but will become a Methodist Student in Jan. I have found this site to be very supportive and informational and look forward to talking with all of you.
  12. by   maire
    Welcome to all of you!
  13. by   Hannah M G
    Hi I am Hannah, 30, single and doing an accelerated second degree program. I work full time at Children's Hospital as a PCT. I start clinicals next semester and I am very excited. I will be class of May 2004 if Pathophysiology doesn't get me too down

    We have a CUMMULATIVE PATHO final - those are words of terror.