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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   shelia32244
    Hello, I'm Shelia, I am in first term and drowning.... I hope maybe you could share some insight on the HESI test. I have ordered the Saunders N-Clex review book and it's on its way. None of our teachers have mentioned anything about the Hesi, just that it is scheduled next month. My Fund. of Nursing/concepts reads her powerpoint and does not elaborate, My health assessment teacher just says read the materials, it is very frustrating, I am barely passing those two classes. I needed to know about the kinds of info on hesi. Thanks for your message and congrats on your progress so far I am soo jealous, Sometimes I get so discouraged, and wonder if I can do it, everyone says that if you make it through 1st term you can do it. Anyway, pleasure meeting you and I will see you around in here. Shelia
  2. by   Kat22
    Hi All I am Kat I am Starting an ADN program in the fall of 2006 and Can hardly wait! Have my last pre-req final tonight in Chem 105 Excited to get that one done and over. I am Married, 45 ys old with 4 kids (20,14,13,11). Feel like I have been waiting to be a nurse all my life. I am leaving the accounting trade where I have worked for 20+ years. I am a bit apprehensive, but have loved getting back to school part time for the pre-reqs. Hope nursing school goes as well.
  3. by   Stacy1
    Hello Kasm296, I wish you the best of luck. You must be very lucky to have a great husband. The advice I have for you is: keep on smiling , keep in good company :icon_hug: and just take it one day at a time! You will make a great nurse .
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  4. by   NatsFan15
    Hi everyone. I'm Shelley - 32 y/o mother of three. Former Marine, current housemommy/wife and future LPN. I have three beautiful children. My daughters are 6 and 3 and my son is about to turn one.
    I'm so glad that I found this forum - you guys are great with information, tips etc. What a resource!!
    I start my LPN program next month and am anticipating a graduation date of June 27, 2007. Yay Me! Followin' that dream
  5. by   babynurse11
    new rn student, old lpn. i'm a 45 yr old mother of 3, divorced, and finally getting to realize my dream. i start nursing transition classes this summer and then into second year nursing classes with the other pnad students and the second year generic program students. i'm excited and a little scared.

    babynurse11 aka cheryl
  6. by   jlbns
    Hey all,

    I'm Jennifer, 32, one child and one husband. I am an ADN student in KY, expected graduation in Dec 2006. After 10 years in a supportive role (phlebo, ER tech, MA), I am now on my way to being an RN!
  7. by   I KRISCOCHO I
    hi everyone i'm an LVN student going on to my 4th and final term. i hope to talk to you all really soon.
  8. by   BlaineCM
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Casey and I am 26 years old( 27 y/o on April 20). I am not married and don't have children. I recently graduated from the University of Florida with my BS in Psychology. In May 2006 I start University of Florida's accelerated BSN program. I am very excited and very very nervous!! Nice to meet you all!!
  9. by   kms1978
    Hi Everyone! My name is Kristy. I am married, and mother of 1 (he'll be 4 in May). I was just accepted for the Fall 2006 class (ADN), and I am very excited!!! Good luck to everyone!!
  10. by   CityKat
    Hello everyone..
    I'm Kat also. I'm 37 and I'm in my 2nd semester of nursing school and graduating, May of 2007!! WOO is ONLY 12 months away and I CANNOT believe it. It has been a long haul getting to where I am right now yay for me, I am sure you all feel the same way!!
    Hoping to learn a lot from all of you nurses out there who are willing to pass the teaching on.
  11. by   MS. ICANDOIT
    30 y/o with a 10 y/o daughter and one on the way (got my acceptance letter and a positive pregnancey test ON THE SAME DAY) I ain't giving up:angryfire !!! I will have 4 days to rest after delivery and then back to school. Thank GOD for LABOR DAY, literally in my case. Spent lots of time at a 4yr school on the "waiting/let me take more of your money list" and finally decided to switch to an ADN program to get on with it. I start on MONDAY! I wish EVERYONE GOOD LUCK and I can't wait to pick everyone's brain.
  12. by   tanaynicole
    Hi there,
    I'm Tanay 30y/o in my last semester of an ADN program. It's been a long hard road, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, faster than I can imagine.
    My hats off to everone working hard to bring their dreams to life!!
  13. by   chinarain42
    hello everyone, I am a 44year old mother of ONE child, she is 7rs old, I have been a LPN for 6yrs and currently in the RN bridging program. I am having trouble starting a portfolio do you have any suggestions.