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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   NJNursing
    Hey girlie!!! I'm sitting here working on my care plan paper (due tomorrow, such an eternal procrastinator, lol) and I remembered you telling me about this site, so I browsed it to look for some care plan help which was GREAT help. I'm about done my paper, ready to be printed. (thank god!!!) This place is really such a WEALTH of information.
  2. by   Hex
    Hello, my name is Hector. I am 28 year old male, single, no kids, and I live in the South Florida area.

    I was very fortunate to have been admitted to Miami Dade's Accelerated ADN program which starts in Jan '06 and I really cannot wait.

    Nice to meet you all.
  3. by   SWEET_AS_CANDY_62
    Hi my name is Sandy, I am a 42yo single mom of one. When I divorced last yr it was a life changing say the least..LOL. I decided it was time to do what I have always wanted to an RN. I started my pre-reqs and am currently enrolled in a pre-nursing program. Fall 2006 I will begin my nursing courses. I will have all my sciences and gen ed studies completed, so I will be able to focus on just NURSING....I cant wait!!

    I wish I had done this sooner!! I enjoy school!
  4. by   TriceRN
    Hi everyone! I'm Latrice, 22yo F, from Dallas, Texas, married 4 months, no kids. I'm in my fourth and LAST semester of an ADN program! I've completed all my lecture exams...skipped out with an 81...which is still a C in our program, but I'm just glad I passed LOL! We have about three weeks to prepare for our exit HESI exam, take that on December 16. I'm ready to be done with school for a little while! Just accepted a position at a local hospital for High Risk OB.....VERY excited about that. Can't wait to meet you all!!

  5. by   rtaz315
    Hi everyone,
    I am Rhoda from KY. I am 41 yrs old with one 17 yr. old son. I am in my first semester of a ADN program and love it. I wish I had done this years ago but it's never too late. I lucked upon this site and it has proven to be very very helpful. It is a relief to see other students have the same concerns and issue I have and the postings have answered several questions without my having to ask. I appreciate you all more than you could imagine. Good Luck to everyone :hatparty:
  6. by   AnnieJac
    I'm Ann and I'm almost done with my first term of nursing. 3 more to go. I love it! I did two years of pre reqs and now I really feel like I'm getting into the nursing and going to be great. I was a teacher before this and am so excited about the new career and retiring from this one. Oh yeah, I'm 34, old according to the kids lol. I'm so glad I found this site. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you.
  7. by   Deborah Ann
    Hello! It's great to read about fellow nursing students. I am new to this site. It seems wonderful. I start ADN program in January 2006. Like the rest of you, I can't wait!!! Deborah
  8. by   NightProwler
    Hello, I am 24, married c no kids. I am just about done with my first semester of PN. Next semester will be a challenge, 28 credit hours is no joke and I am hoping to keep my sanity.:chuckle
  9. by   purply_hazy
    hi! i'm haze, 24 yo, a single mom to a 4 yo from the Philippines and will be graduating this March 2006. very happy i've reached this far. four years of studying nursing is no joke! Nice being here too, just proves nursing knows no boundaries. Good luck to us all!
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    I will officially be 50 the middle of next month (ugh!). I have spent the past 2 years taking prereqs and anything I else I could complete prior to being admitted to an ASN program for my RN.

    I finally completed my Bachelor's degree in '99 in Business, but quickly realized that sitting behind a desk M - F is NOT my thing! This means a lot of the miscellaneous-type of coursework is out of the way (math, English, etc.), but unfortunately, I had avoided the sciences like the plague!! Perhaps because of my interest in changing careers, I am finding that the science classes are not as overwhelming as I was afraid they would be!! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

    The youngest of my 3 children graduates from high school in May, so starting a program in the Fall of '06 should work out perfectly!

    Best wishes to all!
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  11. by   MissLola
    Hello all! I am returning to after a semester with no job (and therefore, no down time in front of a computer - Ha!). I am finally starting nursing school at Fresno State (BSN program) in January 2006. I am looking forward to it, but not to buying the books, uniforms, stuff, etc. I am 31 and married to a very supportive husband who is a deputy sheriff/farrier. We live way on the country (school is 1 1/2 hours away) with our two kitties and two horses. I have an incredibly adorable and smart step-daughter who will be six soon. I hope to keep track of all my fellow students here and know I will find this site to be the best resource for nursing school there is.
  12. by   prenurse
    Welcome MissLola!! I love this site and know you will find it useful and enjoyful thruout your nursing school/nursing career. I started my pre-reqs right around your age, I'm 34 now and a RN since 5/05. I love it!! I congratulate you on your courage!!
  13. by   MissLola
    Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I get a little nervous about putting "all of my eggs in the nursing basket" at this age, but I think I will love it. The support and help of all the people on this site gives me hope that I will run into more happy nurses out there than I think.