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  1. hello everyone! After a while of lurking, I thought I'd delurk to introduce myself. I am 24 yo, married, with no kids unless you count one spoiled rotten kitty! I hope to start my ADN program in the Spring of 2003 after taking a load of prereqs in the fall (I already have a BS in Geography, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally helpful in the job market, lemme tell ya!) I have also applied at my local hospital to work as a CNA (they are so short handed they are offering FREE on the job training!) to help get me acclimated to the medical environment as I have zilch by way of experience. I am excited about starting my nursing classes and even more excited about getting to help people instead of being stuck behind a desk all day! I would appreciate it if you guys would tell a little about yourselves so that I can get to know each of you!
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    Welcome to the board!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the board! I'm also starting in Fall 2003. I'm chipping away at my pre-req's right now. Hope to see you around the board!

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    I am currently in my 4th semester of a BSN program, graduating December 19 (YEAH!). I am 37 yrs. old, with 2 boys, 17 & 11, married for 19 yrs.

    I started back to school slowly, taking only a few prereq classes at a time. Went back full time to finish up and was accepted at Chico State 2 yrs. ago. It's been tough, but it will all be worth it soon (right?).

    I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I still do not know for sure where I want to be when I graduate. I know I don't care for med/surg, but have been told it's the place to start to get your skills up, etc. Had one nurse tell me that was a conspiracy to get new grads into med/surg!

    Let us know where you want to be when you graduate. I always find this particular subject interesting. And, again, WELCOME!
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    I am a 29y/o married mom of 3, youngest is 2 months old now and after a Nutrition class this Fall will be done with my pre-req's and start evening clinicals in January. Will graduate in Spring 2004 (seems like such a long time from now!). Welcome to the board, it's a great place to visit!

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    Originally posted by laurab2jb2
    Let us know where you want to be when you graduate. I always find this particular subject interesting. And, again, WELCOME!
    I definitely know that I want to work with children. My nephew was born 10 weeks early and so seeing him in the NICU and the way the staff took care of him and my sister and brother-in-law was really inspiring. I also would like to work as a peds nurse, maybe pediatric oncology. Not sure if I could handle that though as I boo-hoo every time a St Jude's program comes on tv!

    I definitely would NOT work with opthalmalogists (sp?) My hubby had a detached retina a month before we got married and they had to repair it surgically. And I was the one that got to change his gauze pads and clean his eyeball everyday! Ew Ew EEEEEEWWWW! I wanted to heave everytime I had to do it, but we do what we must I guess!

    What about you guys? What areas are you wanting to go into?
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    Hello!!! Welcome

    My name is Brandy, 22 years old, engaged, and no kids. I graduate May 18th with my BSN, and will be starting May 28th in the Emergency Department as a GN. I started college my junior year of high school taking pre-reqs, and then started full time 4 years ago. I graduated from HS in 1998.

    I will be getting Married August 10th, and we are buying a house that will be ready May 2nd, so I have spent a lot of time packing, and finishing up papers for classes, and puppy-hunting (we want two yorkies).

    Can't think of anything else right now Welcome to the boards!

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    Welcome!!! You sound a lot like me!! Only I got my BA in English and have a few more cats...(5 to be exact!! ) I can really relate to the job market comment...I'm currently writing this from my crappy job that I spent 1-1/2 stuck in my car to get to. Basically I decided be get my ADN because of job satisfaction. If I had to do this job for the rest of my life, I would seriously have to consider jabbing myself in my eye with my fine assortment of pens, pencils, & letter openers!!! Seriously...I HATE my job and the animosity is growing much so that I bring it home to my unfortunate husband! I'm the only one in my office (I AM the office) and my bosses only comes in once a week...twice if I'm lucky (I actually do like them a lot). I know that there's something more for me out there and I truly believe Nursing is it!

    Sorry... I didn't mean to go on like that....I'm just having a bad day...the Graduate assistant my boss hired ( who is NEVER on time if she actually decides to show up to work) is a major thorn in my side. She does NOTHING!!! And there is no exageration there...NOTHING!!!! And for that we pay her for the 20 hour per week commitment she made to do NOTHING and in addition for her job NOT well done, we pay her full tuition so she can go on to get her Ph.D. for FREE!!!! Ack!!!!! I can't stand LAZY people who always skate by on their free rides at the expense of other people!!!

    But I digress...

    I am 25 and married with cats and finishing up my pre-requisites to get into my ADN program. I will be able to quit my crappy-a$$ job next just a little over a year to go YEAH!!!!! I must also add that I was never meant to sit behind a desk all day and what posessed me to become an English major the first time around I for the life of me will never know!!! Anyway...good luck with your program and WELCOME!!!! I'm sorry I went off on such a tangent! :imbarrased:

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    I too am in the same boat. I am 28 and i have a BA in social work. Not much out there for direct care, unles you want to work in a group home or day program at 20,00/year. Not what i went to college for. I am currently working on my pre-reqs and then will be starting the BSN program in the fall at the local college. I can not wait to get started with the nursing classes. sitting in a classroom trying to learn anatomy and chem. is not for me
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    Mother/baby care! Nothing else has quite grabbed me the way this field has! (Now watch, having said this, when I do clinicals in another area something will make me change my mind )
  12. by   angelac1978
    I was stuck in an awful office job until 2 weeks ago. it started out OK but after a massive layoff, I ended up basically as the office manager (hello, 6 months out of college???) I know it was beause I made less than half what the previous manager did but I was not ready at all for that level of stress/responsibility. It also peeved me that they laid off my hubby (totally another story!) Anyway, it felt sooo good to leave that place. Hubby and I just moved back to Kentucky from Atlanta so that I could go back to school for what I wanted (he's sucha sweetie ) we got really good jobs with the postal service, zero stress, just 6 hours of data entry, and school friendly hours! I posted before that I thought I might goto work at the local hospital but I think I will stay with my current job. Still have to get certified as a CNA though, my school requires it before admission to the program

    sorry for getting off topic! :imbar
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    Welcome to the board!!!! Hope to post to you soon.

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    hello, I too have been looking around and this is my first post. I also work at my local hospital as a "student nurse"/CNA. It is great experience, our nurses show us a lot. I am in the first nursing class @ my school and I prevoiusly worked as a medical assistant and in the lab.