Intro to Microbiology Summer 07

  1. hello all. this is my very last pre-req. i hope to be in the nursing program by the spring of january 08. i am taking micro this summer. at my cc this class is a 10 week course in the summer. anyone have any advice, and is there anyone else taking this class in the summer. please join me.
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  3. by   supermo
    Sorry, no advice here, but consider yourself lucky, our Micro course is crammed into 4 weeks.... and it starts in a week!!
  4. by   klg1971
    I am sure you already know this since you are finishing your pre-reqs and know what it takes......don't miss any classes or labs if you can help it. I took micro last summer for 10 weeks also....and worked full-time. It was very hard going two nights a week from 5:00-10:00 then driving another hour home...but....I have finished my second semester of nursing school. You can do it!

  5. by   IrishIzCPNP
    That's how I did mine. It was 10 weeks 2 nights a week from 5-9.

    As said above...don't miss class or lab.

    Don't get behind on readings and study as you go. If you have a question...get it answered right away and don't wait.
  6. by   mafiamom
    definitely study as you go! there is SO MUCH material to memorize that there is no way to cram it all in at the end.

    GL!!! and YAH to being almost done with prereqs!!!!
  7. by   2bnurseforce1
    Thanks for all your advice. I am also working full time we have class tuesday and thursdays 10:15am-12:15pm....then lab from 1pm-3pm. Luckily I don't have any kids...just a husband. Thanks all wish me luck. I made a B out of Anatomy and Phisiology I & II.
  8. by   EthnicBeauty
    Good luck to you I'll be doing the same thing! This is also my last pre-wreck and I'm hoping to enter Spring '08. It's going to be a long 9 weeks . . .:uhoh21:
  9. by   littledarlings
    When studying viruses and bacteria, flashcards was a great learning tool. Hope this will help and good luck
  10. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    Count me in on those taking micro. Our program requires it before entering 3rd semester. I put it off so I would have nothing but nursing courses Fall and Spring semesters. So here I go, an 8 week cours, 4 nights a week, 5-8:30. Bring it on & lets get it done!