Interviews for nursing school - what is nursing about?

  1. Hi everyone! This might sound like a really dumb question (and apologies if it is!) but have just been stressing about interviews for nursing school as I know that they will ask me what I think nursing means i.e. what does it involve? I am pretty sure I know in my own mind (!) but am finding it difficult to articulate in words....soooo was wondering if any of you would be able to briefly sum up what you think nursing entails? Would be very grateful for any thoughts on this....(gosh you probably this is a really stupid thing to ask, but just want to know how you, yourselves, view the profession). Thanks.....
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  3. by   Katnip
    Nursing is blending science and technology with caring to deliver healthcare with a high level of compassion to the sick and wounded.
  4. by   Rapheal
    Good luck on your interview.
    Why I wanted to become a nurse and why I now am a nurse-
    Nursing is a profession in which you care for people and in which you have alot of autonomy. You are able to help people and are able to use your thinking skills. It is a job in which every day is different, and you are constanltly learning.
  5. by   litepath
    Trust, Love, and giving of self
  6. by   Keely-FutureRN
    "I think nursing is the ability to be a vital force in a person's health status. You could be the one person in their day who shows compassion, kindness, and knowledge to respond to their fears and questions and the ability to rise to a whole new level of self awareness about life and death"

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    I think this is a very inspiring definition and pretty much sums it up for me too.