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  1. I need some help in a decision on an internship and i'm wondering if i can get some replies. I have been offered one at an emergency room in a community hospital ( one mentor and I follow her schedule, close to home, want to travel, enjoy the action) and the other is on a med/surge/oncology floor in a teaching hospital (brown university) -- (make my own hours, follow different mentors, a friend of mine just got hired on the same unit). help me make a decision on where to go..... my goal is in a few years is to able to do travel nursing with my husband. I have interest in both fields ( oncology & ER) and both hospitals I am shadowing a RN and not part of the labor pool. Any advice would be great

    Thank you umpiron:
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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    When we started our preceptorships at the begining of this semester my two best friends got ER. I was so jealous. But they both feel like they have not learned as much as I have on an Ortho/Urology floor. I get to handle up to 6 patients and follow them. They have had lots of opportunity to start IV's but that is about it. The ER is very cautious in what they will let them do. I feel that I am a little more prepared to get muy first nursing job, where I will more than likely not be in the ER...which I would love to do. But I will probably be on the floor for a while at least and I know what to expect. They have told me...that they do not feel that way at all. Of course this is one ER, and your experience could be COMPELTELY different...just telling you what we have experienced!!
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    Thanks for asking this question...I have applied for a couple of internships over the summer and expressed interest in the ER....I have been on either a med/surg or med/oncology floor for both semesters of school so far and am ready for a change of scenery...and a chance to determine if I was really interested in ER long-term (and for future traveling, too!!)....

    But calla's reply gives me cause to wonder a bit....
  5. by   laurainri
    from what I am understanding they both going to be very "hands on" in the emergency room I will following one certain RN and wil be able to do alot of different things. I would be able to see more in the ER and it would be a lot different than a med/surge floor ( the only floor I have been on for clinicals). So as you can tell i am swaying more towards the ER side right now. Career wise I think that it will be a better choice considering that I'm 35 and in a new beginning.