Interesting Books!!!!!

  1. Hi Nurses!

    Hey I just replied to one post agreeing about these nursing books that are great to read if you are in nursing, or thinking about nursing, or just plain love reading about nursing!!!

    The books are by Echo Heron:

    Intensive Care: The story of an Intensive Care Nurse

    Condition Critical: The Story of a Nurse Continues

    Tending Lives: Nurses on the Medical Front

    I have read Intensive Care and I am in the middle of Condition Critical !!! I wish someone told me about these books five years when I started my nursing program. They offer such inspiration. You must read the books in order as listed because it all starts out (how we did) waiting for our acceptance letter to our nursing programs!!! And it goes all the way through her clinicals, taking boards, jobs, etc.....

    I called my director of nursing and asked her to read them and have them mandatory for new freshman nursing majors to read.

    Just call your library and get them!!!!

    Have a nice day!!!
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  3. by   shyviolet78
    Thanks for the suggestions!! I've been hearing so much about these books lately, that after reading your post, I ordered Tending Lives and Intensive Care from

    FYI for anyone else interested in ordering these books...Amazon now offers free shipping if you order 2 or more items (no tax either). Not trying to plug Amazon, I just know that sometimes shipping costs as much as the things you order, and I always love saving money!!

    I can't wait 'til my books get here!
  4. by   lyndalous
    Hi shyviolet:

    Hey my BB name is lyndalous but the other day I logged on as Daisy and I talked to you. I was going to email you today and tell you about the books because I didn't get a chance. I am so happy you ordered them. I promise I won't let you down. They are great books. Since nursing school the only books I read are textbooks because I feel guilty if I am doing anything else but studying... but I picked up all three of these books at the library and I read the first and I am on the second now. And I didn't feel guilty because I felt like I was reviewing when I was reading!!! I know you are laughing at me now!!! But the thing is it is really worth your time!!!!!

    Talk to you later
  5. by   shyviolet78

    I also feel guilty for doing anything besides studying. I checked out James Patterson's new book at the library and felt too guilty to get past the 1st page! I returned it without even reading it. But I will read these books - in the name of education!!
  6. by   lyndalous
    I am so happy to know I am not the only one who doesn't read anything but textbooks b/c of my feelings of guilt.

    I promise you won't be let down....
  7. by   tillie1
    i agree that echo heron's book are good, but i must say i found intensive care by her to be depressing. i ran across a really good book last summer and gave it to all the cnas i work with that are in nursing school to read. it is called bed number ten. it is out of print and so has tobe ordered. i almost didn't order it cause it was 30.00 but it is well worth it. the book is 20+ years old but basic nursing care hasn't changed ( at least it shouldn't have) so i think it is a good read. congratulations to all of you who are new grads, new nursing students, on-going students, etc :d
  8. by   Robin61970
    I bought the first Echo Heron book and I am half way through it in one day,lol.....I love it so far!
  9. by   lyndalous
    Hey Robin I am glad you are enjoying the book.....
    I am half way on the second book: Condition Critical.

    Carpmommy... I am going to get Bed Number Ten thank you for letting us know. Who is the author...
  10. by   tillie1
    i knew you would want to know the author of that book. I confess, i was too lazy to go find the book yesterday so I could tell you...sigh. it is BED NUMBER TEN by Sue Baier and Mary Zimmeth Schomaker. Let me know what you think of it, its a good read for all levels of nursing experience!
  11. by   ForensxRN2b
    Love, Love, Love Echo Heron's books! Great motivation and quick reads for those of us who feel guilty about reading something other than a text book. I'm one of those too! )
  12. by   shyviolet78
    I got my first Echo Heron book (Tending Lives) in the mail today. I've been reading nonstop for the past 3 hours - I can't put it down! My hubby thinks I'm nuts because I'm alternating between laughing and crying. You guys have to get this book!!!
  13. by   bassbird
    I picked up Intensive Care at the library yesterday. I started reading it this morning and have had a hard time putting it down! I decided to take a break and thank you Lyndalous for the recommendation.

    I will be a second year student this fall, and after reading what Echo went through during her first year, I feel like I am way behind on my experiences. Do any of you feel the same way? I am also worried that I will lose some of my clinical skills this summer.

    I'm curious what other peoples programs are like and what kind of clinical experiences you've had. It seems like I always hear from the veteran nurses that todays nursing grads lack experience. I hope I gain more confidence next year.

    Thanks for listening and happy reading!