I'm not going to class today - page 3

I have senioritis. Seriously, I could not be any less interested in school. I should be excited... I'm filling out graduation apps, and finally learning about the critical care stuff that I *love*...... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    Reb, I can relate to sitting in lecture while the instructor reads from the power point.. boring.

    glad you took some time off !

  2. by   emily_mom
    I feel your pain Reb. We have to learn telemetry this semester, and I am SO glad I took this job on the Tele floor. The nurses that monitor them have taught me SO much!

    I also would like to skip class, but it's not possible. If one doesn't have an in-class assignment (that b*tch should be shot), the other has a quiz. GRRR...I think they plan that.

    <<<Looking at schedule to see when I can skip...