I'm in!

  1. Hooray! I just found out I got into my nursing program for September!

    The past week has been a nightmare. The advisor originally miscalculated my points, but went on vacation and nothing could be done until she got back. She finally returned this morning and looked my application file over and apologized, but told me nothing could be done because they had already given all the spots out. Then she rethought it, and told me that they'd reshuffle if they had to since I had *earned* the spot that they had given to someone else.

    Anyway, I just got the call that someone canceled, and I'm in. I've had one of the most stressful weeks of my life, but I'm so excited for what's to come!!

    Thanks for reading and letting me share,

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  3. by   ADN 2002
    That's great! It's too bad they made you stress over it, though. I was so worried I would not get into my program - it's so competitive! But I did, and I'm doing well - you will too!
  4. by   rn2003
    Congratulations Krista!
    Thank God you don't have to wait any longer! I am sure you will be great. I am glad that so many of us are just starting and can support each other as the semester gets closer to starting

    Good Luck,
  5. by   AppyHorseFan
    CONGRATULATIONS KRISTA!!! Although your week has been stressful, think of the outcome! You'll now be a nursing student and in just a couple of short years, you'll be a nurse!! Again Congratulations and good luck to you during the program.

    RN 2002...I notice you are in Texas...what area are you located and which program will you be attending? I begin my first classes on August 27 at TVCC in Kaufman (just east of DFW). Could it be that we are going to the same program? Please feel free to email me and let's compare notes.

    Happy Riding,
  6. by   Katydidd

    Congrats Krista..........sorry about the stressful week, but I can tell you from my recent experience (I just graduated from an LPN program last month - will start my rn this month!!)...stress will a regular part of your everyday life while you are in school!!!!!
    Toward the end of the year, when stress levels were reaching an all time high...one of our most wonderful instructors brought in a Helen Reddy tape - I am woman and made us all dance all over the classroom and sing "i am woman - hear me roar"....
    I bought the cd and now when i am stressed, I put it on and laugh my butt off thinking of that day......good luck to you....keep a smile on your face and laughter in your soul and I am sure you will do well............
  7. by   moni rn
    congratulations, krista!

    sorry, about your stressful week! (((((krista)))))
  8. by   BrandyBSN

    sorry things were so stressful!

  9. by   Brown Suga
    Congratulations Krista B!!!!!!

    I am happy to hear you will be in the same boat with the rest of us newbies. I am sorry to hear of all the stress you had to undergo to get in. When you want something bad enough no sacarfice is too small.

    Once again congratulations to you. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  10. by   watergirl
    Congrats on being accepted to your nursing program. Good luck.
  11. by   kiddoRN
    Congratulations and have a great first semester.
  12. by   peaceful2100
    Congratulations Krista. I know now that you are much more relaxed and can breathe a little bit easier now. I wish you well in the upcoming semester and through nursing school.

    Take care.
  13. by   KristaB
    Thanks, everyone!

    I register on Tuesday and I start classes on September 17. I can't wait!!!

  14. by   futrnurse

    The stress has just begun... I am in my second year and just came through the worst semester of my life.... but it will all be worth it in the end...!!!!!!!!!! Hang in and buy a stress reliever believe me you are gonna need it.... Good Luck