I'm confused, does this make any sense to anyone?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering if this makes sense or if I am just lost! I have been taking classes to start the nursing program since this past semptember. When I first started, the man I spoke to didn't help much when I asked him where to being. All he said was that I had to take the pre-req's before anything. So not having a clue what I was doing... I just took my pre-req's last semester. This included A & P 1 class and lab, and also chemistry class and lab. So I went to speak to an advisor yesterday, who was very helpful. However this was not his dept so he gave me as much info as he could. So when we went over the nursing program I was amazed to find out that your first semester has a few classes, along with A & P 1. Which is a pre-req, and you cannot do anything until you have passed this. Then on their app. it states that you have to pay full tuition no matter the amount of credits carried.
    I have already received and associates degree in early childhood education. So I have already taken my English, phyc, computers, and now A & P 1 & chem. And I though I was heading in the right direction so I will be starting my A & P 2 in the next week or so. So it seems if I enter the full time ADN program I will have the following:
    Year 1
    Semester 1: Fundamentals of Client care
    (All others I have taken)
    Semester 2: Advanced concepts of client care 1
    (All others I have taken)
    Year 2
    Semester 1: Advanced concepts of client care 2
    Microbiology class
    Microbiology lab
    Semester 2: Advanced concepts of client care 3
    History (Don't ask...I'm just as confused)
    and of course 2nd year clinicals!

    Which seems like a nice easy assignment, but I still have to pay full tuition each year!! Doesn't seem fair or right! Well this is assuming all my prior credits will transfer.. which I am almost pos they will. What do you think?? I am confused!! If you have any advice or feed back let me know! Thanks for listening!

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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    I think you need to make an appointment with your advisor at the school you'll be attending. They will know for sure. Every program is just a little different.

    If it's really truly going to 'be like that', I'd throw in some extra classes just for the halibut (profanity substitution). You can always use more credits! Then again, that's just me... I love learning.
  4. by   prmenrs
    You might want to look at how many "units" each of those nursing classes are--sometimes they're HUGE! That's why you wouldn't take very many @ a time.

    But, I agree--check w/your advisor. If you talk to someone that's less than helpful, ask for someone else, who knows!
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    No, it doesn't make sense that you would have to pay full tuition if you can transfer some of the classes. Does your school charge by credits or units per semester? Definately speak to an advisor that handles nursing courses, because they would be able to tell you for sure. Good luck!
  6. by   cakarol
    you could even look into other programs at another school where your credits would transfer so that you don't have to pay double...just a thought.

    good luck!!!
  7. by   Steph2078
    Thanks everyone for your advice! I'll keep looking!
  8. by   RNIAM
    I would check out more than one school. It seems funny that they would charge you the same price if you have most of the course done? seems odd, let us know what happens.