I'm Back!

  1. It's been well over a year since I have been active in AN! I've been in the shadow the last 2 months but I finally signed in to say hi.

    Long story short, my brother got into some wonderful legal trouble that required my financial help which was shortly followed by my husband losing his job. So I withdrew from nursing school with just under a year to graduating...... I was SO depressed for a few weeks, I didn't expect for it to hit me that hard, especially because my initial reason for going to nursing school was to be a CNM, nursing school was just a step I was required to take.

    I didn't want to go back to my ADN program, with the scheduling uncertainty being my main issue. So I applied an got accepted into a Diploma program. There are more actual hours I have to be in school, but 95% of the time, lecture, lab, and clinicals are done by 3 pm, the entire program. And a nice bonus is that the school and hospital got bought out by the same hospital system that is present where I live, so basically a guaranteed job (plus there is a true shortage over here).

    So I'm back. It hurts to start all over, and frankly I'm bored as $#;! this semester, but I didn't want to fall behind with their policies and procedures of the school and hospital and felt a refresher couldn't hurt. JUNE 2019 here I come!
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  3. by   brownbook
    Glad you haven't given up!

    Another poster (I feel badly I don't remember who) always includes the saying, "A brick wall is there to show us how badly we want something), in her posts.
  4. by   Saraghawas
    I'm sorry to hear you've had to start over but it's great you're still going for it
  5. by   mindofmidwifery
    Welcome back! It’s good to hear that you haven’t given up! No matter what path you take, you’ll reach your end goal I’m glad it’s working out for you
  6. by   hooliebug
    Welcome back, and good for you for not giving up!