I'm a failure & need advice - page 2

OK here I go.... I just finished my second semester (Med/Surg) & I failed. I am not getting the material and I think it's because I missed something in Fundamentals. I really could use some ideas on... Read More

  1. by   puggymae
    Would it be possible for you to repeat the courses? I often suggest that to students who have struggled because if you do not comprehend the material in earlier levels then often you are unsuccessful later on. Does your school have a learning resource center? At our campus you can go and the staff identifies your learning style, can teach you ways to study more effectively - even take notes more effeciently. You are wise to understand that you need to know the basics. Good luck to you!
  2. by   Barb101
    Yodo would say either do or do not! This is your choice however from the sympathy displayed from others I would be led to believe you would make a great nurse. Perservance & dertimination plus that undefined characteristic = a nurse. Hopelessness and stupidity are not an option so go out there and be the nurse you know you can be!
  3. by   aries33
    hey dont be so hard on yourself. i know how ya feel tho. i kicked butt in prereqs but the program was really hard. keep up your spirit and never quit!
  4. by   danh3190
    I don't know the circumstances at your school, but have you discussed it with your teachers? They're the ones who've seen you having difficulties so they might have some idea how to remedy the situation? Is there anyone you trust on the faculty that you can talk to?
  5. by   hope2beern
    Hi there:
    I just failed advanced med/surg also. I am feeling a little better, but still it hurts. I have been a straight A student until this semester where I got B's in my other three classes and now have to retake med/surg. For me, life got in the way and something had to give. Sometimes, things don't go according to plan, but no reason to give up. Just wanted you to know, you are not alone!
  6. by   rags
    Exam Cram-RN is a wonderful review book that you might find useful. It is also an NCLEX review but will make a good second study option for you. Also, most books today come with CD's, USE THEM! They are wonderful tools as well. As for no longer having your A&P books. Well, go to Ebay and buy an older edition of one. You can find them rather cheap due to schools using the updated versions and the human body hasn't changed that much so they are still very accurate on their information.
  7. by   Barb101
    well done people how about a study group to throw around exam type questions Usually someone will cover a area you havent thought about your self Just an idea if its practical Do keep up your spirits & of your friends dont let the course break you
  8. by   bamwife06
    Hey I Wanted You To Not Beso Hard On Yourself. You Are Not A Failure You Just Failed A Class. Anyway Maybe You Should Retake The Course And Try To Find A Study Guide To Help You Before You Retake The Course. And When You Do Please Let Us Know How You Did.